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K-Drama Files: ‘Jirisan’ is an Intriguing Drama on the Beauty and Mysteries of Mt. Jiri

'Jirisan' is now streaming on iQiyi!

With all the good K-dramas premiering almost week after week, it’s definitely hard to keep up with the new ones, as well as the already completed ones that have been sitting in your binge lists for the longest time. However, just like every binge-watcher out there, you’re probably still on the lookout for more dramas to add to your never-ending lists. If that’s the case, then we’ve got your back!

For this week’s K-drama files, we put the spotlight on Jirisan, and why you should watch it!

The Story

Jirisan follows a team of national park rangers who is responsible for the search and rescue of people who get lost or get in an accident while climbing Mount Jiri. At the center of the story are experienced ranger Seo Yi Kang, — whose vast experience in navigating the mountain makes her the best at tracking down lost people — and rookie ranger Kang Hyun Jo whose horrific incident on Mount Jiri led him to become a ranger. The two then team up to unravel the mysteries of the mountain.

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The Cast

The new K-drama features a star-studded cast led by Gianna Jun, who we last saw in the Kingdom sidequel Kingdom: Ashin of the North. Here she plays experienced ranger Seo Yi Kang, known to be the team’s top member. Aside from the Kingdom sidequel, the top actress also starred in Legend of the Blue Sea, My Love From the Star, and is most popular for her role in My Sassy Girl.

Ju Ji Hoon, on the other hand, plays Kang Hyun Jo, a rookie ranger who works with Yi Kang. Some of the titles that the actor has starred in include Netflixs Kingdom, Hyena, and Princess Hours.


Joining the two leads are Oh Jung Se (It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, Hot Stove League), Jo Han Chul (Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, Vincenzo), and Sung Dong Il (Reply 1988, Miss Hammurabi, It’s Okay, That’s Love) as Jung Goo Yeong, Park Il Hae, and Jo Dae In, respectively.

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Photo: tvN

Watch it if you…

… are looking for an intriguing K-drama that you can watch during the weekends. From the first episode alone, we already get a glimpse of all the action and the mysteries that we can expect from the rest of the drama. It showed us the beauty of Mt. Jiri, but also how scary it can be when disaster strikes, and we also saw the park rangers in action as they brave the mountains to save someone despite the horrible weather conditions.

The first episode introduces us to Jirisan or Mount Jiri, as well as the characters that we will be following in the coming episodes. While there’s not much to say or reveal yet about the minor characters, it already did get us curious about so many things — from the mysterious visions that Hyun Jo gets as he traverses the mountain to the events that led to Yi Kang and Hyun Jo’s conditions in the present day,

Another reason why Jirisan is a must-watch is its amazing and talented ensemble of actors. Gianna Jun, Ju Ji Hoon, Oh Jung Se, and Jo Han Chul are just some names that have been delivering stellar performances in all their projects, and we can’t wait to see their chemistry as they work together to uncover the mysteries of the mountain.

The drama also comes from director Lee Eung Bok and writer Kim Eun Hee — two names that have been known for years to be some of the best in the industry. And with the success of their previous works like Goblin, Descendants of the Sun, Sweet Home, Kingdom, and Signal, every K-drama fan would know that they should trust these two to deliver a story that will get everyone hooked, episode after episode!

With only one episode available so far, not much has been known yet, but it did leave us curious and dying to know about what happens next to Yi Kang and Hyun Jo, as well as the stories that we are yet to uncover about the mountain and the people who climb it.

Jirisan is now streaming on iQiyi, with new episodes dropping every Saturday and Sunday.

Homestream image courtesy from tvN.

Everything You Need to Know About the New iQiyi K-Drama ‘Jirisan’

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TV Show Info

Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Produced by
tvN, iQiyi
Lee Eung-bok
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