A BL Love Triangle Takes Shape in ‘Limited Edition’

'Limited Edition' is a romantic drama about finding one’s elusive and everlasting love with a love triangle story arc.

Once upon a time, three fine gentlemen named Jethro, Arnold, and Mario, figure in a different kind of love, complete with its many saccharine trappings, weep-triggering tribulations, and the promise of happily ever after– all of which are in the new series Limited Edition.

Limited Edition is a romantic drama about finding one’s elusive and everlasting love with a love triangle story arc that gives it more kilig, heartstrings pull, and a fairy-tale-like conclusion of who ends up with who.

“What makes him lovable is his innocence and simplicity,” says Jomari Angeles about Mario. “Not all of us are born with the right knowledge about life and love right away. He is a hopeless romantic and pag  pag nakuha na ang loob niya or pagna-inlove na siya bibigay niya ang lahat sa kanyang partner.”

Andrew Gan, on being Jethro enthuses:  “The most challenging part about being him is how to feel like him, to live in his shoes, and give justice to that feeling of falling in love with another young man. I want to be truthful lalo na pag naramdaman na niya na he is in love with Mario.”

“Well, his only fault is that he fell in love with Mario as well,” declares Ron Angeles who plays Arnold. “I should say my being a pambansang third wheel is solidified and becomes a notch higher in this romantic BL drama. Ilalaban ko talaga yung feelings ko for Mario and my character has sincere and pure intentions.”


Director Jill Singson Urdaneta avers: “The process of love and loving, of being loved and in love, everyone who will give us their time and support, they will witness it in Limited Edition. The many discoveries about one’s self, insecurities exposed, that willingness to compromise and sacrifice, to make a relationship work because all relationships need a lot of work and commitment to make it work. All these and more, are in this drama about romantic connections and everlasting possibilities.”

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Other cast members are Donna Cariaga who plays Chona, Mario’s best friend; Michelle Jhoie Ferraris as Mamita, Mario’s nanay-nanayan; Iyah Mina as Ivory, Mamita’s rival; Yayo Aguila as Jethro’s mom; and Ruby Ruiz as Mario’s mom. Also joining them are Anton Arceo, Aaron Concepcion, Celine Dorado, and Luke Hembling.

Jill Singson directs the series with a screenplay by John Fontanos from Bernard Umali’s story. It is produced by world-famous shoe designer Jojo Bragais, with Michelle Jhoie Ferraris as co-producer.

Limited Edition starts airing on October 2, 8pm, Saturday, on BRAGAIS TV.

BRAGAIS TV is an online channel for fun and entertainment for Filipinos.

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