WATCH: A Conspiracy is Waiting to Be Uncovered in Netflix’s ‘Bangkok Breaking’ Trailer

Watch this new action thriller on Netflix this September 23!

“Do not watch!” Netflix warns in the official trailer for its upcoming Thai action thriller, Bangkok Breaking. The official trailer of the series already gives viewers a glimpse of the action, drama, and suspense that the new show has in store for everyone. Check it out below:

The new show from Thailand will center on Wanchai, a simple man who moves to Bangkok to save his family from poverty. After the mysterious death of his road-rescuer brother, Wanchai joins a local ambulance foundation to seek answers but is quickly pulled into a city-wide conspiracy involving rescuers.

“Because everything about this is about emergency rescuers, and about the different situations that can happen where emergency rescuers will come and rescue people, there’s a lot of [action scenes],” Weir Sukollawat Kanaros who plays Wanchai shared during a recent interview. “I think that if everybody sees these different action scenes, they’re going to be excited because it’s very realistic.”

Alongside Weir Sukkolawat is Aom Sushar Manaying who plays Kat, a determined female journalist who joins Wanchai in his quest to find out the truth behind the conspiracy.

The series is written and directed by Kongkiat Komesiri, Prabda Yoon, and Titipong Chaisati. It is set to premiere on Netflix this September 23.


‘Bangkok Breaking’: Road Rescuers & Conspiracies Collide in Netflix’s Thai Action Thriller

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TV Show Info

Bangkok Breaking
Action, Crime, Drama
Produced by


'Bangkok Breaking': Road Rescuers & Conspiracies Collide in Netflix's Thai Action Thriller
The show follows a man who seeks answers to the death of his brother.

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