Ryu Jun Yeol and Jeon Do Yeon’s New K-Drama ‘Lost’ Premieres on iQiyi This September 4

Reply 1988‘s Ryu Jun Yeol and Secret Sunshine‘s Jeon Do Yeon star together in the upcoming K-drama Lost, which premieres on iQiyi this September 4. The new drama is set to be a healing drama about two people whose paths cross as they struggle to live their difficult lives.

See the trailer here:

Lost tells the story of ordinary people who’ve been working hard, only to realize in the middle of their life that nothing has really happened. Jeon Do Yeon plays Boo Jung, a 40-year-old ghostwriter who hasn’t achieved anything in life. Ryu Jun Yeol, on the other hand, plays the 27-year-old Kang Jae, who runs a role service business and is afraid that he won’t be able to become anything.

“After heartbreaking scenes with [Jeon Do Yeon], I have reflected several times about how to polish my performances further,” Ryu said when asked during the press conference about what it’s like to work with the award-winning actress.

Photo: iQiyi

Jeon Do Yeon, on the other hand, talked about playing her character and being questioned about understanding the feeling of failing. “I feel nervous and pressured about playing this character,” she said, “so often look around and care about everyone.”


The drama comes from director Hur Jin Ho, who’ll be making his debut in directing a TV drama. Other works he wrote and directed include The Last Princess, April Snow, and Dangerous Liaisons.

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Lost premieres on iQiyi this September 4, with new episodes dropping every Saturday and Sunday at 9:30PM.

Homestream images are from iQiyi.

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