WATCH: The Emotional Trailer to the Netflix Documentary 'Tell Me Who I Am'

Tell Me Who I Am

Documentary, Drama, Mystery
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From the Academy Award nominee who gave us documentaries like Black Sheep and Garnet's Gold comes an emotional story about the relationship of siblings, as well as the lines that separate memories from reality. Tell Me Who I Am launches globally on Netflix this October 18. 

Tell Me Who I Am tells the story of when 18-year-old Alex Lewis wakes up from a coma after getting involved in a motorcycle accident. He then realizes that aside from his identical twin brother Marcus, he can't remember anything - not his parents, not his home, not even his own name. 

With his brother relying on him to help him regain his memories, Marcus then paints a childhood that conceals a family secret. And after years of concealing the memories, the two brothers face the truth together to uncover who Alex is. 

The documentary is based on a memoir of the same name by the two brothers, which was first released in 2013.

Tell Me Who I Am arrives on Netflix this October 18. 

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