WATCH: Your First Look at HBO's Miniseries 'Catherine the Great'

Premiering in Asia at the same time as the US later this year, HBO has given us our first look at their upcoming original miniseries, Catherine the Great, available soon on HBO and HBO GO. 

Check it out below: 

Catherine the Great is about the latter years of the titular character, and her affair with the Russian General Grigory Potemkin, as well as the scandals, intrigue, and conflict in her reign. The four-part mini-series will be centering on the two's love of each other and for their country, as they build Russia to be one of Europe's greatest powers in the 18th Century. 

Academy Award-winning actress Helen Mirren (The Queen) will be portraying the monarch and politician Catherine the Great, alongside Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty) who will be playing General Potemkin. 

The show is written by Nigel Williams (Elizabeth I) and directed by Award-winning Philip Martin (The Crown). It premieres on HBO and HBO GO later this year. 

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