Q&A with Jisoo of Netflix' 'My First First Love' on the Upcoming Second Season

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If you're one of those who binge-watched all eight episodes of My First First Love season 1 in one go, chances are you're also probably one of those who's left on a huge cliffhanger, just itching to know what happens next, if your ship's gonna end up together, and what happens to the rest of the gang as they take another step to adulthood. 

Well, the wait (almost) over now, because season 2 is set to drop this July 26! The upcoming season is set right after the events of where the first season ended, just as Tae Oh finds out that his two best friends, Song Yi and Do Hyeon, are dating each other. Hun and Ga Rin, on the other hand, is another couple in the making as they both explore different things which they might find interest in. 

Ahead of the show's season premiere, we got a chance to talk to Jisoo, who plays Tae Oh, in a video conference where he talked about his character, his dream project, and his thoughts on the second season. 

Check it out below: 

What's the trait you love most and least about your character in the series? Will the audience see a more serious and mature Tae-Oh in Season 2? 

Jisoo: The trait I like about my character is that he has a good heart, and he's a very pure character. What I don't really like about my character is that he might be not good at reading the atmosphere, and he could come off as an idiot sometimes. Because ofa all those traits, if you look at it from the outside, [Tae Oh's character] is like a character that you would feel like, "Oh, I would wish I had a friend like him." In season two, yes, I believe that you'll be able to see a much more mature Tae Oh, because he'll be more convinced with his feelings. So I will say that in season two, Tae Oh will definitely grow up even more. 

If you were Song Yi, would you pick Tae Oh or Do Hyeon? 

Jisoo: If I were Song I - this is a very difficult question! If possible, maybe I would date both of them! 

 Photo Credit: Lee Seunghee for Netflix

If you were given a choice, would you rather be like Tae-Oh who lives with his friends or live in a house alone? 

Jisoo: Actually, I'm living with my family at the moment. So I used to think that I would like to try out living by myself. But then, after shooting this show, I changed my mind, because I experienced living with friends, and I thought that maybe it'd be quite fun to live with a friend in a house! 

What new lessons can the audience in any age group learn from the new season? 

Jisoo: I believe that watching the show, you'll be able to see the growth of all the character, and maybe you'll be able to feel how they feel as well, watching the show. So I wouldn't call that a lesson, because lesson can be interpreted differently by different people and [if] you actually watched it with a different mindset. 

What's a song that you relate to the most for your character and for the show in general? 

Jisoo: There's this song in our original soundtrack that was used in the trailer. We're going to let you know the title, but I believe that the song is quite similar to the overall kind of tone and the atmosphere of the show. 

*The song Jisoo was talking about is Jo Eun-ae, Choi Sang Yeop's "Baby Baby". You can listen to it here: 

What's your favorite memory with the rest of the cast? 

Jisoo: So there is one memory that I remember very clearly on-set. There was this scene where I was leaving the house, saying, "So I'm going to go". I was in the zone, and then I just bumped my head on this protruding edge, and then I fell on the floor. Somebody took a video of all that and share it among the cast. They were laughing at it, and had good fun out of it. 

Another fun memory I have onset was - well, this wasn't in season two - but from season one is when we filmed in a pension at a rural area. That was when we were not that with one another because that was kind of early in the production. But we had to film it because of the seasonal kind of view. That process of getting each other was quite fun to experience. It's always fun, right? 

Since you've worked with a lot of different actors before, is there a celebrity, local international, who you wish to work with one day?

Jisoo: In Korea, I definitely want to have an opportunity to work with actor Choi Min Sik. And if I have an opportunity, I would love to work with international actors and directors as well.


There's just too many. I can't pinpoint just one! 

Photo: Netflix

What's your message to all your Filipino fans who'd be watching My First First Love? 

Jisoo: My dear [Filipino] fans, thank you for waiting for season two! If you enjoy season one, you will definitely enjoy season two even more. Please enjoy the show, and I hope all of you [will] be happy, and I want your life to be filled with all the good things. I hope that I could come visit anytime soon! Mahal kita

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