"Saving Sally" the Movie Available in MovieClub app on March 14 for FREE!

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"Saving Sally" the Movie Available in MovieClub app on March 14 for FREE! Arguably the best live action and animation film ever made in Philippines soil, "Saving Sally" is a must see for all movie-goers. Watching the film, you can feel the hard work that Avid Liongoren has poured into the movie that is 12 years in the making! Whether you are a geek, a romantic, or just a movie lover, the film hits on all spots and provides a sense of pride in Filipino film making. Do not miss the FREE showing in MovieClub android app. To download click on this link now https://goo.gl/TTS6rH ​

Marty (Enzo Marcos) is a comic book artist who sees the world around him as a picture book. In high school he was always picked on by the high school bully and Sally (Rhian Ramos), a gadget inventor, would help Marty defeat and humiliate the bully. They become good friends and share with each other their dreams and aspirations. ​

As Marty spends more time with Sally, he begins to realize that she has problems from her adoptive parents. They continue to support each others goals and went to college together. ​

Marty has feelings for Sally but is not able to divulge his feelings. Sally reveals she has a boyfriend named Nick, who Marty views as a monster who doesn't have her best intentions at heart. ​

The two grew distant of each other but fate kept setting them up with each other......

The creativity and visuals in this movie is truly amazing! Don't forget to download the MovieClub app and watch Saving Sally for FREE here

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The Main Cast:

  • Rhian Ramos as Sally; A gadget inventor characterized as a witty and clever but vulnerable girl who exhibits a kind of melancholic loneliness. The makers of the film describes this trait as a manifestation of the character's inner turmoil or clues to her mysterious private life.
  • Enzo Marcos as Marty; a comic book artist which is described by the film's main site as possessing "the innate ability to do nothing about everything despite his vivid fantasies of defending the love of his life", Sally, from the "big bad world." The character views himself as the protector and hero of Sally. The monsters which forms part of the film's universe are people which is Marty dislikes or apathetic to.
  • TJ Trinidad as Nick the Dick; Sally's boyfriend. Marty disdains Nick and is viewed by Marty as a penis monster.

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