‘Art 2 Art’ features Cavite cuisine, ballet paintings and Christian literature

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As it celebrates its 11th anniversary this month, the art advocacy program Art 2 Art continues to shine the spotlight on personalities and institutions that make the local art and culture scene vibrant and noteworthy.

Produced by the Manila Broadcasting Company and hosted by “Ballerina ng Bayan” Lisa Macuja, Art 2 Art airs every Sunday, 3:30 to 4 p.m., on radio via DZRH (666 khz on the AM band), on cable television via RHTV (Ch. 129 on Skycable in Metro Manila, Ch. 18 on Cignal TV and Ch. 3 on Cablelink) and online livestreaming at http://dzrhnews television.tv. The show may also be viewed through the Facebook account DZRH News Television.

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On March 11, Art 2 Art welcomes back award-winning book designer and visual artist Ige Ramos who first guested in 2008. Since then, Ramos has become a food writer, a cook and a recipe kitchen tester about to launch his first book – Republic of Taste: The Untold Stories of Cavite Cuisine. He recalls the years of research, writing, recipe-testing, travel, interviews and photography that went into this book highlighting the food in his province.

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On March 18, visual artist Ronna Manansala discusses her passion for dancing and how it later became one of her favorite themes. She incorporates actual fabric as tutus of the ballerinas in her recent paintings. She also relates what it was like growing up the granddaughter of National Artist Vicente Manansala, getting a sneak peek into his studio and even becoming a subject for some of his works.\

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On March 25, for its Lenten episode, Art 2 Art focuses on OMF Literature, the leading publisher and distributor of Christian literature in the Philippines. Publishing and communications director Yna Reyes talks about OMF’s history in the Philippines dating back to 1954 and its later introduction of a children’s book line, of books in digital format and on-line selling. Reyes also suggests appropriate reading fare for Lent.

For inquiries, please e-mail art2artdzrh@gmail.com or visit the Ballerina ng Bayan page on Facebook. Past episodes of the program may be viewed on YouTube, at the Art 2 Art with Lisa Macuja channel.

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