8 K-Dramas We Loved in 2017

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The year is almost over, and what better way to spend all the time in our hands than to go on a binge-watch session of all the good K-dramas that aired this year, right? 

From the light, romance dramas to the darker ones which will have us on the edge of our seats, here are 8 K-dramas we've seen - and loved - in 2017: 

1. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Stream it on: Netflix

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon revolves around Do Bong Soon, whose superhuman strength prevents her from living a normal life. After being hired to be the bodyguard for gaming company CEO Ahn Min Hyuk, she learns how to control her strength and saves her town from a kidnapper who's targetting girls. This drama stars Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Sik, and Ji Soo. 

2. My Shy Boss
Stream it on: Viu

A drama that proves how introverts could also "rule the world", My Shy Boss is about Eun Hwan Gi, an introvert whose also the CEO of a PR company. Because of the meetings, briefings, and presentations he needs to hold, Hwan Gi then needs to overcome his shyness to become the competent leader he needs to be. It stars Yeon Woo Jin and Park Hye Soo. 


3. Suspicious Partner
Stream it on: Viu

To those who've always enjoyed legal dramas, Suspicious Partner is a must-watch. Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun stars as the prosecutor Noh Ji Wook and Justice Department Intern Eun Bong Hee who must work together to solve a case which involves an amnesiac murderer. 


4. Fight For My Way
Stream it on: Viu

A k-drama for anyone who struggles with the stresses of adulthood, Fight For My Way follows a group of friends who struggle to keep up with the demands of society and how they try to fulfill their dreams and passion despite being the underdogs that they are. It stars Park Seo Joon, Kim Ji Won, Ahn Jae Hong, and Song Ha Yoon.


5. While You Were Sleeping 
Stream it on: Viu

Another must-watch legal drama, While You Were Sleeping stars Lee Jong Suk and Suzy as Prosecutor Jae Chan and Reporter Nam Hong Joo who both has the ability to foresee events through their dreams. Knowing about the tragedies that are about to happen, the two team up to try and stop them from becoming real. Joining Jong Suk and Suzy are Lee Sang Yeob and Jung Ha In. 


6. Tomorrow With You
Stream it on: Viu

In this romantic comedy, Shin Min Ah plays 31-year old photographer Ma Rin who feels as if her life is getting more boring. She meets CEO So Joon who happens to become a time traveler who can go to the future by riding the train. Believing that he lives a predictable life, his life changes when he meets Ma Rin. This drama also stars Lee Je Hood, Kim Ye Won, and Chae Dong Hyun. 


7. Because This is My First Life
Stream it on: Viu

Because This Is My First Life is another romantic comedy about the different views on marriage, career, and relationships. It revolves around Se Hee, a house-poor girl who has to share her aparment with homeless Ji Ho for her to be able to pay the monthly rent. It stars Lee Min Ki, Jung So Min, Kim Min Seok, and Kim Ga Eun.


8. Black
Stream it on: Viu and Netflix

In this fantasy thriller, a grim reaper who dwells in a human body of a police officer encounters a mortal who can foresee death. The two then become involved in solving a mysterious case that goes way back 20 years ago. It stars Go Ara, Song Seung Hun, Kim Dong Joon, and Lee El. 


Did we miss your favorite 2018 K-drama? Let us know in the comments below! 

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