11 Scenes from 'Stranger Things 2' that Gave Us Chills

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The one year drought is over! Stranger Things is finally here with a new season.

Season one left us with so many questions: What's that slug that came out of Will? Is Will really okay? Where's Eleven? Will everything ever be normal in Hawkins? Watching the second season gave us hope and enlightenment... well, sort of! The much-awaited second season of Stranger Things has the same great storyline but is darker and more frightening, if you ask us. We watched all nine episodes to give you eleven (you know, because we're sentimental) of the scariest scenes from Stranger Things 2.

Disclaimer: There are spoilers below so ~stop~ reading if you still haven't seen the second season!

11. Eight

Image: Courtesy of Netflix

Reunions are always nice! Except when it involves two people who has skills that can kill. By the start of the season, we are introduced to 008 giving us more questions on what happened to the other victims of Hawkins Lab.

10. The Cat and the Slug (ep4)

Image: Courtesy of Netflix

DUSTIN, PLEASE... One look at Dart and we already know he's no good but you had to see him eat Mewsky to realize that creature's evil. Sorry, but this is all your fault!

9. The Map

Image: Courtesy of Netflix

Seeing Will draw the map disturbed them but realizing what it really is (thanks, Bob!), bothered us. It had us wondering if there's still a safe place at Hawkins!

8. Hopper in the Upside Down

Image: Courtesy of Netflix

When Hopper got stuck in the tunnels, we were just as nervous and scared as he was hoping someone figured out where he was. Don't worry Jim, the Byers' got your back!

7. The Wrath of Eleven

Image: Courtesy of Netflix

We get it Eleven, you want to see Mike and be free. Hopper only wants the best for you and that includes staying in the shed but you didn't and look where it got you. Ughhh, kids these days.

6. "Breathe. Sunflower. Three to the right, four to the left. Rainbow. Four fifty."

Image: Courtesy of Netflix

When you first hear what Terry Ives was uttering, it all seems like random words put together. But when Jane was finally able to communicate with her Mama, everything fell into place, and it will send shivers down your spine.

5. The Fate of Bob the Superman

Image: Courtesy of Netflix

We hate to say it but Bob is the Barb of this season and he deserves so much better!!! *sobs*

4. Steve versus the Demodogs

Image: Courtesy of Netflix

Luring one demodog is one thing but when a pack of demodogs show up, you know you're in big trouble. Good thing someone summoned them before they attack our dear Steve...

3. The Demodogs and the Spy

Image: Courtesy of Netflix

...only for us to find out that they were heading to Hawkins Lab where the Byers, Hopper and Mike were, all because of Will the spy. So, which side is he really on?

2. The Possession of Will Byers (ep3)

Image: Courtesy of Netflix

Poor Will. Just when he thought he could just make it go away, he made it worse by following Bob's advise. Bob only meant well, though, and didn't know what Will was dealing with!

1. The Exorcism of Will Byers

Image: Courtesy of Netflix

This could probably be the highlight of the season but seeing Will struggle as his family tries to bring out the Mind Flayer out of his body made us freak out that he might not make it out alive. Well, let's all just hope everything becomes normal again for Will next season!


All nine episodes of Stranger Things season two is now streaming on Netflix.

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