Anything For Love: Forever Sucks Opens Its Newest Season With All The Feels

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A D5 Studio Original Series, Forever Sucks is a romantic comedy web series that follows Izabel, a 170-plus vampire who secretly works as a call center agent. In the 3rd season of this web series, she finds herself falling in love with her human co-worker, Kiko but soon discovers just how hard it is to keep a relationship that probably won’t last forever.

Forever Sucks

Last September 8, 2017, the press launch for the latest season of this wildly popular web series was held, together with the cast lead by Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Gio Gahol, Amara Ui, Sari Estrada and Director Joel Ferrer. Hosted by TV5 talent, Lia Cruz, the cast talked about the unexpected success of the web series, stating that although they did not expect to go beyond season 1, they are extremely grateful with how the show has been received and how much people keep requesting for more.

This season, followers of the show are treated to witness the blooming relationship between Izabel (Jasmine Curtis-Smith) and Kiko (Felix Roco). The couple go through a whirlwind of emotions until finally admitting to the extreme difficulty of having a relationship between vampire and human.

Episodes 1 to 8 of the 3rd season of Forever Sucks can now be viewed at To find out how love will change the lives of Izabel and Kiko, watch out for episodes 9 & 10 which will air on September 20, 2017.


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