What Goes Through X-Ray: Mega Airport - A New Discovery Channel Series

Every day, twenty million people all over the world pass through airports. In fact, airports are one of the most engineered environments one will ever step into.

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Witness for the first time how this epicentre of engineering works in a new five-part series on Discovery Channel, X-Ray: Mega Airport, premiering June 24, Wednesday, 9:00 p.m.

Using cutting edge camerawork and computer-generated imagery (CGI), the series reveal the inner workings of one of the busiest hubs in the world: Frankfurt’s mega airport. Each 60-minute episode provides an insider look on the state-of-the-art equipment and security in the airport, its round-the-clock deadlines, its role in the international air network and the quick decisions that make-or-break the exhibition of flights through unparalleled imaging technology.

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In unprecedented detail, X-Ray: Mega Airport crunches the raw data captured by laser scans to track flows of people, machinery and money, exposing elements invisible to our naked eye and giving an x-ray overview of Frankfurt’s Mega Airport.


  • Race Against the Clock. Discover how every action at a mega-airport is planned to the hour, the minute, and the second. Keeping to such a regimented schedule requires thousands of engineers to race against the clock, twenty-four hours a day.

  • Total Control. Using advanced equipment to x-ray scan the airport, find out how every action is precisely and predictably controlled, including that of the passengers as they enter the terminal, one of the most highly-controlled environments on Earth.

  • The Airport Never Sleeps. Head behind the scenes at one of Europe’s busiest hubs, and discover how an operation the size of Frankfurt never enjoys down-time.

  • Crossroads of the World. Head into the heart of this global mega-airport and explore its vital role in the world’s vast international air network. Flights from five continents land at Germany’s biggest airport every day - a feat only possible due to specialists from seventy countries working together to welcome passengers to the Frankfurt hub.

  • Failure Is Not An Option. The airport’s engineering teams are under pressure, managing specialist technology that they cannot risk to fail. Witness an engine change on an A380 airliner, before finding out the precautions involved in pumping tens of thousands of litres of highly flammable aviation fuel.

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X-Ray: Mega Airport exposes what it takes to be involved in airport operations – the extreme time pressure, the massive numbers and the small but vital systems designed to keep processes under control – all for the sole reason of providing people with a quality travel experience. Marvel at this epicentre of engineering this June on Discovery Channel.

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