'Ice Cold Gold' Pits Eight Men Against Massive Ice Sheets of Greenland

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Under the glacial ice sheets of scenic Greenland sits more mineral wealth than in all of Saudi Arabia. Discovery Channel’s Ice Cold Gold documents the amazing journey of a team of spirited American miners who are among the first in the world to set off on a grand search for gold and other valuable precious gems in parts of the island where no one has ever explored. Beginning Monday, July 8 at 10:00 p.m., the six-part series follows eight men who leave behind their loved ones and homeland for a chance to hit pay dirt, all whilst battling freezing elements and competitive international miners, and having to race against four short summer months before the ice cap thickens. Ice Cold Gold encores every Tuesday at 3:00 p.m., Saturday at 9:00 p.m. and Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

At 836,000 square miles, Greenland is the world’s largest island. Most of the land was undisturbed during a 400,000 to 800,000-year-old icy reign, however, global warming in the past decade has forced Greenland from its mysterious, cold isolation. Its melting ice sheets reveal immense potential for mineral wealth in the virgin rocks below. Recognising the island nation for its untapped, treasure trove of mineral wealth, the world is now seeing Greenland in a new light. Some of the Greenlandic people hope to profit from this shift; they believe that responsible mining can improve their futures in many ways. For the first time on television, ICE COLD GOLD deploys cameras in Greenland to follow eight miners on the frontlines of this modern day mining rush, where they hope to find the next big precious metal or gem deposit.

Greenland is a veritable beast, but the motley crew of Ice Cold Gold miners is up for the challenge. Each thinks he has what it takes to walk away with gold, rubies and sapphires before winter and large mining companies swoop in. What transpires as the miners cope with the unpredictable, harsh unknown? Will their personalities get in the way? Most importantly, do they strikeIce Cold Gold? Meet the fierce men who hope to wrest the treasures from this terrestrial beast:

Eric Drummond (Geologist): With his extensive knowledge of gem and rock formation, Eric is expected to lead the way in this new frontier. For more than three decades, he has made millions mining for other companies; now, Ice Cold Gold is his chance to strike it rich on his own terms.

Chad Watkins (Dredger/Prospector): Striving to keep his family afloat, expert prospector Chad needs to conquer Greenland, no matter the cost. He would like to prove to his wife and son that he could make something of himself doing what he loves for once; for him, it is about personal pride.

John Self (Placer Miner/Prospector): John’s desire to strike gold in Greenland is fuelled by his deep-seated mining addiction and his goal of sending his daughter to college. Times have been tough for him back in his home state of Colorado. Who knows – with one shake of the pan in Greenland, maybe he can turn his fortune.

Jesse Feldman (Hard Rock Miner): Hunting for treasure may have started as a hobby for this self-proclaimed Renaissance man, but along with brother Josh, Jesse has become a seasoned veteran whose skills are put to the test now more than ever. Jesse comes from a family who has been mining for generations, and he wants to get out of his father’s shadow and make a name for himself.

Josh Feldman (Hard Rock Miner): Brother of Jesse, Josh is hell bent on getting the gold despite the odds. The Feldmans were born with opportunities – but can they find their very own success?

Zach ‘Gator’ Schoose (Excavation Expert): Close friend of the Feldmans, Zach knows he has got the chops to take on Greenland. Unlike his maverick best friends, Zach has a young family to support. Is he willing to take such big risks? He stands to lose so much more if the team fails.

Jack Duggins (Wilderness Guide): His fellow teammates may know all about drilling, but it is Jack who is going to keep everyone alive – no matter what Mother Nature throws his way. The problem is – he is a bit of a loner, having lived off the grid for a while; being a part of a team throws a huge challenge his way.

Americo DiSantis (Driller): Having never even camped before, Americo is a newbie to all this, but he is determined to prove to himself and his daughters back home that he can succeed and hang with the rest of them in Greenland.

Ice Cold Gold was shot during summer in Greenland in its capital city, Nuuk, and the remote area known as Storø, within the largest fjord system in the world. It is the largest television production ever filmed in Greenland.

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