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World’s Top 5 is the global search for the ultimate giants of engineering genius. Discovery Channel puts the greatest mechanical marvels under the spotlight and pits them against each other to establish the best of the best. In each episode of the World’s Top 5, a specific engineering genre will be tested, analysed and rated in five key categories to eventually reveal the overall winner. Along the way, with the help of top engineering talent, viewers are invited to take a look under the bonnet and behind-the-scenes that reveals the sheer engineering brilliance powering each mechanical marvel. Find out what drives the global giants of engineering to be the biggest and the best on the World’s Top 5, premiering Wednesday, September 19, at 10:00 p.m. Encores every Thursday at 8:00 a.m., Saturday at 4:00 p.m. and Sunday at 6:00 p.m.

The six-part series explores the ground-breaking technology behind the world's mightiest planes, trains, earthmovers, ships, cars and factories. Explore how these mechanical titans measure up to the rest of the competition and what are the secrets of their success. How does the world's most manoeuvrable jet fighter stay in the air and how can a train without wheels reach world-beating speeds? How does the world's biggest earthmover move? Which is the world’s ultimate super ship? What powers the world's fastest car and what defines an exceptional mega factory? Each WORLD’S TOP 5 mega marvel is a winner in its own right. But which is the ultimate world-beater?

Go around the world in search of mankind's greatest engineering achievements in the following episodes of the WORLD’S TOP 5:

Super Planes
This episode examines five outstanding Super Planes: Ukraine’s monster mover – the Antonov 225; French giant double-decker – the Airbus A380; America’s high altitude spy plane – the Global Hawk; The Eurofighter Typhoon– the world’s most manoeuvrable jet fighter; And the backbone of the US military – the Lockheed C5 Galaxy. Planes are extraordinary gravity defying feats of engineering, but how will they fare when pitted against each other in five key aviation categories?

Super Trains
Trains are engineering wonders and come in all shapes and sizes, built to handle a vast range of challenges. But what makes a world beater? To narrow the search, five outstanding Super Trains were shortlisted: French super high-speed double decker – the TGV Duplex; Japan’s tilting record-breaker – the aerodynamic N700 Bullet; North America’s mega-load bearer – the QNSL; China’s floating vision of the future – the Maglev; And the death-defying mountain climber that spans two countries – the Qingzang train.

They are some of the world’s biggest machines, created to dig up the world’s biggest loads. From monstrous dump trucks to terrifying tunnelers, earthmovers come in all shapes and sizes. In this episode, five incredible Earthmovers were shortlisted: The Takraf Baggar – a goliath of an excavator; Enormous earthworm – the Crossrail Tunnel Borer; The supercomputer mega-digger – the Komatsu WA 1200; The CAT 8750 – a walking mega-mover, and its smaller, but just as impressive cousin, the CAT 797F – the world’s biggest dumper truck. Each is a monster machine in its own right, but what makes the world’s Ultimate Earthmover?

Mega Ships
This episode hones in on five shortlisted incredible Super Ships: The Mighty Servant 1 – a heavy-lifting transporter like no other; The Allure of the Seas – the world’s biggest Cruise Liner; TI Europe – a vast double-hulled oil tanker; The Ebba Maersk – the world’s biggest container ship and the world’s deadliest warship – the USS GHW Bush. Each is a titan of the seas in its own right. But how will they fare in head-to-head battles in five key nautical categories? And which is the world’s Ultimate Super Ship?

Super Cars
From family run arounds to million dollar dream machines, racing cars to record breakers. Cars are the mechanical marvels of automotive engineering, but what makes the very top world beater? Check out the five shortlisted outstanding Super Cars; Thrust SSC – the world’s fastest car; The most powerful road car every built – the Bugatti Veyron; Explosive accelerator – the Al Anabi Dragster; The ultimate in racing cars – the F1 McLaren Mercedes and the Tesla Roadster – the electric car that’s re-writing the rulebook.

Mega Factories
This episode casts the spotlight on five exceptional Mega Factories: Korea’s Gwangyang plant – the world’s largest steelworks; India’s Reliance Factory – the largest oil refinery in the world; Germany’s ultra-efficient VW car plant; Europe’s largest food processing plant – the Heinz Kitt Green Factory, and the hub of the US Space Programme – NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building. Each is a giant of engineering in its own right. But how will they fare in a head-to-head battle for the title of Ultimate Mega Factory?

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