Discovery Channel Premieres: One Car Too Far

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One Car Too Far, an all-new five-part survival series follows a former British special forces operative, Gary Humphrey and an American petrol head, Bill Wu as they are dropped into incredible landscapes and forced to work together to survive and ultimately escape to safety. The twist – they will have to learn to survive using a four wheel drive all-purpose vehicle. It‘s the perfect combination as one knows how to drive and the other knows how to survive. With no proper roads and no real supplies, the two must rely on instinct and expertise alone to make it out. Discovery Channel’s latest survival series will take you on the drive of your life to the most extreme parts of Chile, South America and premieres every Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. beginning September 26. Encores every Monday at 4:00 p.m. and Thursday at 12:00 a.m. (midnight).

One Car Too Far elevates survival to a new level with an added complication – Gary and Bill have just three days to track down a ten year old red car that is not specially equipped for harsh terrains, and bring it back to civilisation using only their wits and their wheels on an incredible journey that pits them against the clock and Chile’s most extreme environments. From perilous icy glaciers, to intensely humid and dense jungles, to shifting sands in arid deserts, and mountains with treacherous slopes and sub-zero temperatures, One Car Too Far pushes the limits of human endurance and explores the measures we resort to in order to survive.

Packed with lots of action and adventure, One Car Too Far follows Gary and Bill as they rely solely on instincts and expertise to conquer every obstacle that comes their way. Watch as they attempt to use whatever supplies they can find to turn their 4-wheel drive into an all-purpose vehicle that can get them through just about over, under and through all any challenges. Witness as Gary and Bill’s persistence to stay alive results in various unusual but ingenious survival tips and quirky mechanical tricks, including taking ordinary parts from their car to create hunting weapons, building a good shelter in the snow or using an egg to seal a crack in their car‘s radiator. To top off all the action, every episode of One Car Too Far will leave viewers at the edge of their seats with a spectacular do-or-die car stunt that exerts mechanical brilliance, supreme driving skills and a lot of luck.

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