San Juan, Batangas

TRAVEL GUIDE: What You Should Know Before Traveling to San Juan, Batangas in 2021

Here's what you need to know before planning that weekend getaway.

For those who are living in Metro Manila, one of the most popular places to go for a quick getaway out of the city is the province of Batangas. The province is not only famous for its hiking trails and pristine waters for diving, but also for its rich culture and cuisine. This makes it a must-visit for anyone who wants to travel but wouldn’t want to go too far from home.

Every municipality in Batangas has its own charm. However, if you’re looking for a place where you can relax, and get that “vitamin sea” you’ve been craving for, San Juan, Batangas is definitely the one to check out. The municipality is most known for its Laiya Beach, with a coastline that’s perfect for swimming, diving, and other water activities.

Luckily, the municipality has opened again for tourists who want to visit. But before booking that out-of-town vacation, here’s a handy guide of the things you should know for a comfortable and safe trip:

Who can travel?

According to San Juan Tourism Office, tourists of all ages can now visit the municipality as they are now under MGCQ.

However, it would be best if they also check in with the resort they’ll be booking as they might have different policies for guests.


What are the requirements?

According to a recent post by the tourism office of San Juan, Batangas, medical certificates are no longer required from tourists provided that:

  • They pay the Ecological Fee of P20 at the Tourism Reception Area.
  • Tourists will claim their Referral Slip at the Tourism Area.
  • They will also sign on the resort’s logbook upon entrance to the premises. Tourists must give the following information then:
    • Name of Guest
    • Temperature
    • Time-In
    • Signature
  • Resorts will then collect the referral slips and filled-out contract tracing forms (or health declaration forms). They will also be collecting photocopies of the guests’ IDs.

Note that resorts may need other requirements before you can check in so make sure to confirm with them on these before heading there.

Where to book accommodations?

Tourists can only visit resorts that are able to secure a Certificate of Authority to Operate, as well as a Certificate of Compliance. Below is a list of some of the resorts allowed to operate:

For other homestays, house rentals, and other properties, you may head over to this official list from the official tourism office of San Juan, Batangas.

Note: All the information on this article is from the official Facebook page of San Juan, Batangas’ Tourism Office. The guidelines stated above may change without prior notice.

Homestream image is from Acuatico Beach Resort’s official Instagram page.

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