Lindsay Lohan Has a Beach House You Can Visit in Mykonos and It’s The Star of MTV’s New Reality Show

The former teen queen has come out of hiding and emerges this year as a boss lady expanding her empire in Greece -- with a beach resort in Mykonos and exclusive nightclub in Athens now open to public. Here's your look at Lohan Beach House!

The former teen queen has come out of hiding and emerges this year as a boss lady expanding her empire in Greece — with a beach resort in Mykonos and an exclusive nightclub in Athens now open to public (yes, we can actually head out there!).

Tagged as Lindsay's VIP Beach Club, Lohan Beach House Mykonos is currently closed for the winter season, while the actress' club in Athens called Lohan Nightclub is currently alive and kicking all year round, and is the first and only megaclub in the capital of Greece.


We can't imagine any other place to spend a Saturday night! Welcome to the Lohanworld.

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While Lindsay's personal life has an extremely colorful late night and clubbing history and it seems fitting she'd eventually run her own club, her new beach club comes as a bit of a surprise to everyone. And just by browsing the website and social media of Lohan Mykonos, we can definitely say this new tourist destination is #VacationGoals!

Here's everything you can see and do when you head to Greece at Lohan Mykonos:

Lindsay Lohan opened the beach club in Mykonos in May of last year, and for those wanting some sun and sand for their beach trip, the club is situated in Kalo Livadi to give you an up close and personal experience with the Mediterranean blues.


Their shore lines up over 200 umbrellas, and you can lounge on their sunbeds to work on your tan or head to the Jacuzzi to unwind. More active guests can check out watersports or beach volleyball.

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The club also features a Shisha Lounge, a Restaurant that serves  Mediterranean food, and a Club, so you can choose if you wish to enjoy a cocktail or dance.

In need of retail therapy? You can shop at the beach club's Sotris boutique, the concept store dating back in 1969, and according to the website, showcases ' eccentric fashion, it-pieces, and Londonish style,' which complements the Lohan brand of being avant-garde.

And of course, a beach club experience isn't complete without some luxurious pampering. The club's Wellness Corner features beauty treatments and massage services, as well as yoga sessions to bring out some peace and clarity into your vacation.

Lohan Mykonos is now the star of the new reality show " Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club," which premiered this January 8 on MTV. The series focuses on the actress alongside her creative partner Panos Spentzos personally handpicking a team of professionals from the US auditioning to be the beach club's VIP hosts and ambassadors.

Want to experience the beach club for yourself? Lohan Mykonos is located at Kalo Livadi Beach in Mykonos, Greece, and will reopen for summer season of 2019 ( it is currently accepting reservations online). Visit its official website, follow @lohanmykonosofficial on Instagram and /lohanrhodes on Twitter, and find out if guests loved their experience or not at Lohan's beach house on Tripadvisor (spoiler alert: it currently has an average 4/5 rating).


Stairway to heaven. Book your cabana at Lohan Beach House Mykonos. . . . . .

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Homestream image from Lohan Mykonos Instagram account.

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