A One-Day Itinerary to Kamia Bay Adventure Park, One of the Biggest Inflatable Parks in Asia

Instantly feel the adrenaline and enjoy an adventure like no other on Palawan's largest inflatable aqua park where you can jump, slide, and be catapulted to the waters.

Palawan has always been known for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear blue waters and, of course, the underground river which is part of the seven wonders of the world. Little did we know that there's Kamia Bay Resort that's perfect if you're looking for an action-packed adventure. And get this, it's one of the biggest inflatable playground in Asia!

Located around 40 kilometers south of Puerto Princesa, it will take you 30 to 40 minutes to reach Kamia Bay. There are a few other activities you can do when you go there, but the main highlight of the resort is their large inflatable play area. Instantly feel the adrenaline and enjoy an adventure like no other on Palawan's largest inflatable aqua park where you can jump, slide, and be catapulted to the waters. 

It's a bit hard to navigate around because it's slippery but, nonetheless, it is a fun thing to do if you and your friends are up for a challenge which includes a thrilling 30 and 40-feet high inflatable slide, a human launcher, trampolines where you can jump around and various floating obstacle courses. It will make you feel like you're in an episode of 'Wipeout." Don't be scared though as there are skilled lifeguards stationed in each section ready to help and guide you on how you can conquer an obstacle course.

Other than the inflatable playground, you can also try the kayaks, paddle boards and jet skis around the 3,600sqm area. Here are the rates of the activities you wouldn't want to skip on: Swimming (P150/adult; P75/12 years old and below), Kayaking for an hour (P100) and Jet Ski for 15 minutes (P1,800/adult).

Guests are provided life vests for safety. They even have floaters for your gadgets! 

If you get tired of all the water activities, Kamia Resort also offers an Eco Trail where you can further appreciate nature with a guided tour. Walk through a jagged pathway with a tour guide who will leave you in awe by all the fun facts they have for you. Ask your guide about the story behind tamilok, a famous delicacy you can only find in Palawan. Smell the fresh and cool air while you get a sighting of the different lines of trees and unique rock formations. Make sure you're well hydrated throughout the tour!

Need to take a break from all the activities? Rest for a bit and feast on a Filipino buffet spread (P488/adult; P299/kids) – fresh seafood, grilled meat, refreshing drinks, and more – prepared just for you. Enjoy all these while being surrounded by an amazing view of deep blue-green water and majestic mountain range.

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