Precious Paris

Why the City of Lights is also the City of Life.

Paris is and will always be the dream destination for many tourists of whatever age group or travel plans. The city has become synonymous over the years with finesse, expensive taste and the good life, and for a good reason: It doesn’t take much to feel classy in the capital city of France. A whiff of Parisian air combined with hints of Chanel perfume, the aroma of freshly-cooked crepes and brewed coffee in the outdoor cafes, and the breeze from the River Seine is a constant reminder that the City of Lights is also the City of Life.

It’s impossible to see Paris without proper planning. Take it from me: I flew in the now defunct Air Madrid that left for Paris with a three-hour delay. Upon arriving I didn’t even have a printout of the map of the city. And, to make matters worse, I wasn’t sure about the schedule of the tourist spots so it took me six hours to get up the Eiffel Tower and go back down. The view from the top, however, made my stresses evaporate right away.

The Notre Dame

A big problem in Paris is that there are a lot of beautiful places to visit and there are almost always a lot of tourists all year round. Some of these places of interest are far away from the city center. Take Basilique de Sacré-Coeur in the Montmartre area, for example. It is famous not only for it spectacular view of Paris but also for the angelic voices of the Benedictine nuns that sing the liturgy of the hours. The Versailles and Eurodisney are also far and can be reached through a combination of subway, train and buses. If you have limited time in the city, you may have to choose which of these places to visit.


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