ZOOM Treetop Adventure

This is the account of an acrophobic who spent her day at ZOOM Treetop Adventure, where she "fell" from a 100 feet high tower.

This is the account of an acrophobic who spent her day at ZOOM Treetop Adventure, where she “fell” from a 100 feet high tower. Well, sort of.

Two Weeks Before The D-Day

My colleague came across ZOOM Treetop Adventure’s Facebook Page. ZOOM, located near Eastwood Libis, is apparently a haven for Metro Manila’s adrenaline junkies– a zip line complex run by the same people from its branch in Subic. Having experienced the I-could-not-fathom-what’s-fun-in-falling-from-a-treetop adventure there in Subic, she got all ecstatic that it opened a branch here in Manila. Okay, so some people find happiness in the heart revolting sensation of falling. I totally get that. What I don’t get is why I, a serious acrophobic who’s never ever (and never will) Space Shuttled, needed to come. “Conquer your fear!” she told me. Hah, I heard that before when they coaxed me into riding Anchor’s Away. Look at me, am I a bit braver? I don’t think so.

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5 Days Before

So she’s serious. She’ll really do everything to get me on that harness. I know I said before that no way am I getting myself suspended 100 feet in the air, but at this point, I was having second thoughts. What if I can do it after all? I checked blogs that talked about ZOOM. None reported any untoward incident. They all said something along the lines of “Awesome!” “I will be back!” “Unforgettable!” Maybe, just maybe, I can do this– I told myself. I told my friends (who at this point, are all looking forward to “falling”) that okay, I’m coming with them if and only if, I’d get to decide whether I’d ride or not.


Mistake number one: Never trust that they’d let you leave the place without you trying.

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Zoom Treetop Adventure

Craving for some adrenalin rush? Check out Zoom Treetop Adventure right at the center of the metro for some blood pumping rides such as Superman, Silver Surfer and Parachute Fall. Kenny Capsa explains more about Zoom.

One Day Before

OMG. Should I back out? Should I fake sickness?

The Day Itself

3 Hours Before. I need not fake sickness after all. My tooth is throbbing like there’s no tomorrow on the way to ZOOM. I wanted to text them and tell them about this but I don’t think there’s any way in the universe that they’ll believe I really have a massive tooth ache. I downed three Mefenamic capsules. I don’t know if that’s safe. It worked.

1 Hour Before. I met up with them with my tooth as fine as ever. I had no more excuse. They were asking me if I’m all ready. “Of course!” I lied. Let this day be over, I prayed.

We all went there together. The ride wasn’t as long as I hoped for. Just before Eastwood is a road called Calle Industria that you needed to follow to get to Circulo Verde. The gates opened once we told them we’re headed to Zoom Treetop.

On Site

My goodness that tower is high! “A hundred feet at least,” Kenny Capsa, Marketing Officer of Zoom told me. He discussed with us the three rides that Zoom currently offers. There’s the Silver Surfer (P300), supposedly for the least brave, where you stand opposite a partner in what’s like a standing see saw while cables bring you from the starting point to a higher elevation. The Superman (P400), their lie-on-your-tummy zip line, will take the rider from point A to point B, then B to A, 100 ft above ground level. It runs on the average at around 10 to 15 kilometers per hour. “It’s not as fast as people think. But we can make it faster if you wish,” Kenny suggested. The last ride is the Parachute Ride (P200), which is supposed to simulate falling with a parachute on. With or without a parachute, falling from a hundred foot tower doesn’t appeal to me at all.

This is it!

I can see that my friends are excited on the way to the tower. They walked happily like how Snow White did in the forest with her little bird friends. Me? I walked as normal as possible with my now wobbly knees. The harness strapped all over my body didn’t help in making me feel comfortable. It felt like I had zero chance of backing out. But to Zoom’s credit, one should really feel safe in those things. They were thick, imported, and of good quality.

It would take me more pages to tell you what exactly happened as soon as I was on the elevator. To sum it up, there were 30 minute long coercions (that’s 30 minute per ride), pleadings, perspiration, panic attacks, and more coercions. Hey, they invited an acrophobic. They should have expected that.

Like my friends, these kind guides never gave up on me

Did I ride all three? No. I summoned all the saints in heaven for courage to get on the Superman “stretcher,” but the help didn’t come soon enough. As soon as I reached the 100 foot level, my knees refused to move. I’m regretting it though, now that I’m looking at their pictures. Me lying belly down on that thing would’ve been a badass profile picture for my Facebook page. And if what they’re saying is true, the Superman is the easiest ride among all three. “You’re lying on your tummy, moving at a relaxed speed. It’s not scary at all!” my friend related.

Mistake number two: I skipped Superman.


I tried the Silver Surfer which wasn’t as bad as I thought. There’s no tummy flipping sensation in here. The ride took less time than what I needed to get on it. Was it fun? Admittedly, yes. The whole breeze on your face feeling while speeding to and fro the towers isn’t different from cruising in a car with the window down. That’s if, you can keep yourself from looking down where rubble and soil lie.

Silver Surfer

The Parachute ride also isn’t as bad as I imagined. Unlike the treetop drop, which I could guess is nerve wracking, this one is slower. There’s no tummy flipping sensation in here either. Getting me on this required lengthier convincing from my friends, but I did it. Let me say that again. I did it!

Parachute Ride

After Getting Off The Elevator

Did I conquer my fear of heights? No, not at all. Did I enjoy? Well, apart from the more stressful part of the adventure, which is mustering enough courage to try the rides, I think I did. The feeling right after was remarkable. My feet were once again on the ground, but this time, I look at the hundred foot tower not with anxiety but with a sense of accomplishment.

On The Ride Back Home

Superman, we shall meet again.

ZOOM Treetop Adventure is open from 10 AM to 7 PM, from Monday to Sunday. Everyone at least 4 ft. tall is welcome to try their rides. They also accommodate private functions and parties, with different packages for guests. They also have a food and beverage arm called Senor Paquito, that could cater to your parties. For inquiries and bookings, you may call 09274615159, 09323766806, 09333839829 and 8718556 or check their Facebook page.

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