EPIC Boracay

This swanky resto-grill and bar weaves a delicious tale of dine, drink and dance.

Pop culture and the Internet has overloaded the grammar of young folk with all these catchphrases. My favorite Barney (the human one, of course) has ‘legen… wait for it… dary!‘; other expressions of amazement and permutations of fun and cool vary from FTW to Classic to Winning. Wrong use of these can lead to a hilarious facepalm (my favorite has to be Phil from Modern Family’s ‘Why The Face‘). So, if you’re unsure, better consult your resident street slang expert, Urban Dictionary.

Epic needs no complex interpretation, though. While originally meaning a long narrative about the adventures and feats of a hero, its current (over?) use in casual conversations is to describe something that possesses a distinct level of awesomeness. EPIC Boracay takes in a little bit of both definitions. This new beachfront resto-grill and bar weaves a delicious tale of dine, drink and dance.


Their world grill awaits.

Your EPIC adventure can start as early as brunch. Yes, this isn’t just one of those random watering holes in the island where the goal is only gettin’ slizzard. EPIC Boracay has ‘World Grill’ attached to its name. If you happen to pass by their area at D’Mall in Station 2 (where Hey Jude used to be), you will notice their huge menu boards displaying mouthwatering photos of food — real food, not just quick bar chows. I can imagine reading their menu straight off a Serendra or Greenbelt establishment, with varied cuisine to cater discerning palates of epicureans.

I hear their Smoked Salmon Florentine (P350) and Eggs Benedict (P250) are a must-try for brunch, while kids will enjoy the Kiddie Corner menu that offers comfort food fare like Spaghetti Meatballs (P180) and Gooey Mac and Cheese (P180).

Smoked Salmon Florentine

Spaghetti Meatballs

Gooey Mac and Cheese

EPIC’s specialty is their beach grill where you can mix and match meats and sauces to experience the flavors of the Orient or the West. First, you choose your meat. They have 12 kinds to choose from, and each comes with one complimentary sauce. A Lamb Chop (P565), for example, can have rosemary, peppercorn, red wine, or gravy sauce; the Blue Marlin Fillet (P300) comes with a choice of mango salsa, lemon butter parsley, teriyaki, or barbecue sauce. You can add more kinds of sauces and marinades to your grilled entree, if it pleases you. They have over ten kinds — variations of barbecue sauces (like Beer lovers, Sweet honey, Pineapple, Korean, Jamaican). These additional sauces cost P60-P80 per order. If you want to keep it simple with gravy, though, then a serving of it comes absolutely free.

Lamb Chop

Blue Marlin Fillet

Next month, I’m eager to try out the Tiger Prawns (P575) which comes in either coconut dip or lemon butter. It just feels perfect to savor scrumptious grilled prawns when you’re by the sea, don’t you think?


Fortify with alcohol to spice up the island life.

While the brunch and afternoon dining at EPIC Boracay will have to wait for me a few weeks from now, I can say that their evening definitely sizzles at its peak. No doubt that their establishment is beautiful in architecture and design. If you are familiar with the metro’s Republiq, Opus, and Manor, you can expect the same class and design over at EPIC as all of them come from the same creators.

EPIC is two storeys of spacious interiors made warm and welcoming by its beechwood accents and woven beach furniture. On lazy afternoons, it embodies lounging the chic way. They happen to have a long happy hour here, offering buy one take one on selected drinks.

Bring your swag at the VIP room

Come nightfall, its evening glow makes it magnificent. I also have to tell you about their toilets, as their bathrooms are large and air-conditioned — these two things make a whole lot of difference when choosing which place to spend your evening and wee hours of the morning in the island. A good and clean bathroom with enough cubicles and toilet paper is top priority!

Ladies’ bathroom on the second floor

Anyway, on to the drinks. A highlight at EPIC is concocting your own fresh fruit cocktail. Their Fresh Fruit Cocktail Bar (P220 per cocktail) allows you to choose a base cocktail, then match it with a fruit of your choice. You can take a traditional mojito, for example, then muddle it with some ripe mango or coconut.

Frozen Iced Tea

If you’re just starting the night early with dinner, I suggest their (non alcoholic) Frozen Iced Tea (P95), blended with the right amount of ice to cool you down by the beach. I have to say I have taken a liking to their Lychee Martini (P175). Its mix is well balanced for my tastebuds, with its first sip more sweet and fruity, and ending with just a teeny spark of the martini aftertaste. So sweet and light, you can have two, three, or five for the evening. Just make sure to fill up on some of their bar chow to tame down the drinks.

Lychee Martini

Their Buffalo Wings (P270) are addictive when dunked on the sour cream and blue cheese dip

Crispy Deep Fried Calamari (P300) and garlicky Gambas (P280) were our choice for midnight munching

For the beer drinkers, a bottle of the local light or pale goes for 80 Pesos, while brands like Stella Artois and Corona are priced P180 each. EPIC may have prices a little higher than the other nightspots of the island, but with the ambiance and the right kind of crowd, your money there is definitely getting what it’s worth.


Bring friends who won’t burst your party bubble.

On a Friday or Saturday night, head to EPIC around 10pm if you want to get a good table inside. There are also a lot of seating areas just by the beachfront if a more laidback evening is your kind of thing. Partyphiles will enjoy hanging out just by the bar or near the DJ booth as the music cranks up, with faster beats coming alive nearing midnight.

If you’re in the mood to party, then always choose your companions wisely to keep your energy up and running all night. It’s always a damper when a whiner is in presence, wanting to leave when the night is just about to start. My friends and I do our own part to avoid being the party pooper — we take power naps after dinner so when we’re up, we become energizer bunnies. Like I mentioned earlier, the crowd at EPIC is great. You will probably see a lot of familiar, popular faces from Manila linger here, also foreigners and expats that make this place a melting pot of class and style.

And so, we ended our 4 day island vacation, with our last night spent up on our flipflops; dancing, soaking up what Boracay had to offer us. Yes, it may sound so corny and cliché, but just as what others have been raving about Epic is quite the truth: EPIC was, indeed, epic. Any night with good company and with other people treating you to rounds of shots and cocktails merits a big thumbs-up for me! EPIC Boracay is that much needed plunge into party mode before you getting back up on your feet to hit the daily grind of the busy urban life. Knowing I will be back in Boracay makes me anticipate their longest happy hours and their mouthwatering grilled meats. And yes, some more of that Lychee Martini, please!


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