Sandbox at Alviera: A Playground in Pampanga for Kids and the Kids-at-heart

This fun attraction in Porac Pampanga features adrenaline-inducing activities for the most adventurous people.

Ayala Land, Inc., in collaboration with Leonio Land has launched a “mix-use” development in Porac Pampanga called Alviera. It is a township that is envisioned to house top-notch schools, commercial centers, residential developments, hotels, and a country club to name a few. On April 12, Alviera opened the first of its attractions: Sandbox.

Sandbox, as the name implies, is one huge playground. It’s not your everyday average playground though, because it features adrenaline-inducing activities that are not for the faint of heart. Most of it is meant for bigger kids (no one below 4 feet is allowed to participate in the activities) and fun-seeking adults. When you enter the Sandbox grounds for the first time, your eye will immediately go to the complex-looking obstacle course to your left. This is known as the Aerial Walk (P150). It is a series of ropes, wooden planks, cables, and zip lines that takes skill, a little bit of nerve, and some dexterity to maneuver.

Fun and safety are the top priorities in Sandbox.

Sandbox is all about safety so their staff will strap you in a harness and helmet and will give you helpful instructions and tips before you navigate the Aerial Walk. Don’t be afraid of getting stuck because staff are stationed all throughout the maze to help you should you need it.


One the right side, directly across from the Aerial Walk is the much talked about Giant Swing (P100). It is the first of its kind in the Philippines. It’s basically a swing on steroids at 10 meters above the ground. It can accommodate up to three thrill-seekers at a time. You can choose to go solo or, if you need the moral support, with a friend. You are strapped into a harness that is supported by cables hanging from two poles. You are then hoisted up, up, up until you’re practically parallel to the ground below. And just when you start to freak out a little bit about how high up you are, the cable is released and your stomach jumps up to your throat as you swing back and forth. It was amazing. My companion and I loved it so much that, when we were asked if we wanted a second go, we immediately said yes.


Sandbox’s Adventure Tower is the 5-storey venue for most of the activities in the park: the Avatar One Zipline (P150), Wall Climbing (P50), Free Falling (P100), and Rappelling (P50).


Avatar One is also known as the country’s first Rollercoaster Zipline because, unlike the traditional zipline, it has curves which results in dips and pitches during the 180-meter long ride. It starts at a 12-meter height where you are once again strapped into a harness and then, when you’re safely fastened, pushed into the zigzagging zipline. Just listen closely to the staff’s instructions and you should be fine.

Avatar One: the country’s first rollercoaster zipline
The starting point of the zipline is 12 meters high.

If you’re one of the braver ones, give the Free Fall a try. It is what it sounds like, a single cable is attached to your harness and you jump off the platform situated at the highest point of the Adventure Tower. I’m a tried and tested adrenaline junkie but even this was too much for me. 

A brave soul giving the free fall a try.

If you’re looking for something a little tamer, you can always go for wall climbing.

Sandbox focuses on outdoor activities so don’t forget to slather on some sunblock, take an umbrella with you, or both if you’re vigilant about that kind of thing. You can rent an ATV or a UTV (P2,500 and P3,500 respectively) and explore the impressive Alviera property. There are also pump tracks for bike enthusiasts as well as a mini-golf course and, soon, they will open camping grounds for those who want to spend the night surrounded by mountains and trees.


Sanbox is place that the whole family can enjoy. They have a playground for kids, picnic facilities, and kite-flying activities. You may bring your own food but they have a concessionaire from Tuesday to Sunday and food tents on weekends where local produce and products are highlighted.

Water gun fight! Just what you need on scorching hot days.
A local proudly showing off her wares.
Freshly made Burquillos

Sandbox offers packages depending on how many activities you want to try. As of this writing, the Alviera property is inaccessible via commute but they are developing a transport system that will soon make it easier to reach for people who don’t have their own vehicles. Just keep checking their website for updates. In the meantime, here is a map.


Sandbox is the perfect venue for team-building activities, field trips, reunions, family outings or spur-of-the-moment barkada getaways. It’s close enough to Metro Manila for a quick trip but far enough that it will satisfy your wanderlust. The array of fun activities can easily keep you occupied for a whole day. Sandbox is a fun place that’s fit for all ages.


Sandbox is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm. For booking guidelines and other details, go to and/or Follow Alviera on Instagram and Twitter (@alvieraph).

Additional images courtesy of Sandbox.


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