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Travel YouTube Channels

8 YouTube Channels To Subscribe To Right Now If You Miss Traveling

We’ve been in this quarantine for over 500 days now, and despite being in this lockdown for so long now, we still don’t know when it will all be over and when our lives could go back to normal. And if there’s one thing we miss right now, aside from eating out, meeting our friends, and doing things we’d normally do outside, it’s probably traveling. It’s visiting (and getting completely lost) in a new city, discovering a new culture, encountering locals, and trying out dishes you usually won’t be able to find anywhere else.

As we wait for the pandemic to end and for borders to reopen, we can only rely on the internet to satisfy our desire to travel, albeit virtually. That is why we’re giving you 8 YouTube channels to subscribe to right now — from walking videos to travel vlogs — if you just miss traveling:

Seoul Walker

Seoul Walker is a channel to check out if you’re like us who’s been missing South Korea. Just like what their name suggests, the channel features videos of them walking along a certain area or district like Myeongdong, Hongdae, and Gangnam, at various times of the day. Watch their videos if you miss exploring these areas or are planning to get there once the pandemic is over, so you’d have an idea of areas to add to your itineraries!

Anna Film Production

If you’re someone who misses Japanese and has been thinking about going out of the bigger cities on your next trip there, you might want to check out Anna Film Production. Her videos take you to shrines, streets, and villages in areas like Kyoto, Nagano, Hiroshima. She even posts videos that perfectly capture the changing of the seasons, so if you love seeing the sakura trees of spring or the autumn foliage in the latter months of the year, her channel would definitely be worth subscribing to.


Miss exploring the different regions of the Philippines? FEATR is a channel that produces content mainly about Philippine cuisine and travel destinations. What’s great about their videos is that they don’t just highlight the “spots” in a specific region or place. They also go deeper into that place’s culture, talking to locals, learning their crafts, and tasting their cuisine.


Discover MNL

Discover MNL is another good channel to check out for local travel content. Unlike other vlogs, their videos let the locals speak for their province, telling their own stories while highlighting the spots and activities one must try and experience when visiting the place. Definitely subscribe and check out their videos if you’re planning to go on a tour in the Philippines once the pandemic is over.

Rick Steves’ Europe

Rick Steves’ Europe posts videos that, well, take you to various places in (and sometimes outside of) Europe. His videos cover the Swiss Alps in Switzerland, Vienna in Austria, Rome in Italy, and more. He not only shows the beautiful sceneries every place has to offer, but he also highlights their traditions and their cuisine, something that sets them from other places in the world.

Around the World 4K

Around the World 4K lets you see sights from all over the world in 4K and 8K. Their videos cover Asian cities like Singapore and Bali, as well as Western cities like New York, Montreal, and Edinburgh. They aim to show their videos through realistic but high-quality shots of the city, perfect for those who want a quick escape from their realities and just need a virtual tour to places they miss or dream of going.

Mark Wiens’ Migrationology

If you’re the kind who loves trying out new dishes and cuisines when traveling, you’d love to subscribe to Mark Wiens, whose channel is all about him going to different countries and trying out all kinds of dishes — from street food to fine dining. Since he’s based in Thailand, you’d find him highlighting Thai cuisine a lot, which is good if you’re making notes of what to try and check out on your next trip in the country!

Strictly Dumpling

Strictly Dumpling’s Mike Chen is also one of the most popular vloggers out there who travel for food. His channel features him trying out everything, from night market street food and convenience store food to buffet and fine dining restaurants. He’s also one of the must-watch vloggers out there which will give you an idea of where to go and what to try on your next vacation.

Homestream images are screenshot from Anna Film Production and FEATR.

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