Wish We Were Here: Immersing in All the Art Pieces at Santa Fe's 'The House of Eternal Return'

When in Santa Fe and you want something to fuel the inner artist in you, make sure to stop by The House of Eternal Return, a permanent exhibition made by the Santa Fe art collective Meow Wolf.

The House of Eternal Return
Photo: Meow Wolf/website

Established in 2008, Meow Wolf is a group composed of more than 100 artists from across several disciples like painting, architecture, video production, audio engineering, writing, and more. Combining their skills together, they were able to form an immersive art experience that features a narrative storytelling, interactivity, live music, etc.

Walking into The House of Eternal Return is like entering a world of science fiction. Wherever you look, you will be greeted by a colorful art piece you think you could only see in your dreams. The 20,000 square foot art exhibit is filled with dozens of rooms, secret passages, and light and musical objects that people are free to play with for hours on end.


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Guests get to choose their own path and roam around the exhibition in their own pace. Be sure to prepare yourself for some walking, climbing, and crawling as some would require you to do so to enter a new environment. 


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Tickets for adults are at $20 and $17 for New Mexico residents. For children, tickets are at $14 and $12 for NM residents, while tickets for seniors are at $18 and $15 for NM residents. 


The House of Eternal Return is at 1352 Rufina Cir, Santa Fe, NM. For more information, you may visit Meow Wolf's website, like them on Facebook, or follow them on Instagram



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