Wish We Were Here: Sightseeing at Fantasy World in Lemery, Batangas

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As little kids, we probably have dreamt of living in huge castles and being the princes and princesses like the ones in the fairytales we see. If not that, we’d answer that we dream of going to Disneyland. Who wouldn’t want to be at the “Happiest Place on Earth,” right? 


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Little did most people know that we could have had our own version of Disneyland had the project only been pushed to its completion. Fantasy World in Lemery, Batangas is everything we ever though a fantasy world would be – huge colorful castles, treehouses, and rides anyone would enjoy. The only catch about this place is that it would remain just that, a fantasy, as it never really opened officially for the public to enjoy and visit.


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Built in 2001, Fantasy World is a theme park which remained unfinished because of the financial issues with the Japanese businessman who owned it. Despite it being uncompleted, the park is still a must-visit to those who just want to see what could’ve been the Philippines’ version of other countries' theme parks. It may give off some eerie, mysterious vibe at first, but it’s still a good place to sightsee and to have your Instagram-worthy shots taken.

Guests only have to pay a fee of P1,000 for every group of ten, to be used in keeping the place clean and well-maintained.

Here are just some of the places you could see inside Fantasy World:


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Here's a vlog by Exploring With Josh when he first visited the abandoned theme park:



Fantasy World is at Diokno Highway, Brgy. Mayasang, Lemery, Batangas. For more information, you may reach them at +632-833-6566.

Getting there:

While it’s recommended that you bring your own car and take the approximately two-hour drive to Lemery, Batangas, you may also opt to take the bus headed to Lemery, Batangas from Cubao or Buendia. Just tell the conductor to drop you off on Lemery, Batangas and ask the locals for the best way to get to Fantasy World. 

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