Cats & Puppies in Search of their Furever Home will be Up for Adoption at Robinsons Magnolia This Saturday

Up to 15 puppies and five cats will be there for adoption!

With most of us stuck at home over the course of the pandemic, we realize that our furry friends are the best quarantine buddies. They snuggle up to you when you’re stressed during a Zoom meeting, kiss you when you feel worried about the daily news, or just sit beside you when you’re in need of some company. They don’t ask for much in return: just some of their favorite treats or a belly rub. But not all cats and dogs get the same kind of attention. Others are abandoned or abused by their previous owners and forced to live on the streets. If they’re lucky, they find their ways in rescue centers or shelters, where they wait patiently for their new “hoomans.”

Happy Pets Club, which is Robinsons Malls’ community of pet owners and pet lovers, hopes to give all kinds of dogs and cats the Gift of a Furever Home. To launch this campaign, HPC is partnering with Pawssion Project and holding an adoption drive on June 5, Saturday, at The Garden of Robinsons Magnolia in Quezon City. 

Pawpassion Project was born after 50 dogs on death row needed to be rescued. That was back in October 2018; and since then, founder Malou Perez has led the non-profit organization in rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming dogs in distress. They started a shelter in Bacolod, then eventually opened a second shelter in Bulacan in 2019. Since then, they have rescued more than 500 cats and dogs, and successfully rehomed over 100 of them. But it doesn’t end there as more pets end up in the streets, and that’s where HPC hopes to come in. Pawssion Project’s mission of rescuing strays and neglected pets perfectly aligns with HPC’s advocacy to promote pet adoption and find forever homes for rehabilitated rescues. 

During the adoption drive, up to 15 puppies and five cats will be looking for new families, who are committed to showering them with extra care, love, and attention. A vet will also be present for free consultation while the new furparents will each receive a vaccination voucher, treats, dog food, and other gifts for their new furbabies. Merchandise will also be on sale for the benefit of the shelter. .  Each furparent will be receiving a goodie bag  from Top Breed. 

Happy Pets Club is also looking forward to partnering with more animal welfare organizations and providers to make sure that all pets are well taken care of. They plan to provide annual free spaying and neutering, which is beneficial for our furry friends’ health; mass anti-rabies vaccinations; and free veterinary consultations for all aspins, puspins, and rescues. A series of educational campaigns on pet parenting is also in the pipeline to make sure that both pets and their hoomans are as happy as they can be. 


You can also bring your cats and dogs anytime to Robinsons Magnolia’s Pet Park, which is an indoor dog park where furry friends can enjoy the day and test their agility at the tube tunnel, dog walk ramp, and other fun obstacles. 

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Pets are family. Whether they’re rescues, senior dogs, mongrels, a cute puppy, or a scruffy kitty, they deserve all the love they can get.

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