GCQ with Heightened Restrictions

GCQ with Heightened Restrictions: Rules and Restrictions in NCR+ Until May 31

Here are all the things you can and cannot do during this period.

The government has announced last night that after a period of MECQ, they will be putting the NCR+ area under GCQ with Heightened Restrictions from May 15 to 31. The NCR+ Bubble includes Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Rizal, and Bulacan

Still a bit confused on what is and what is not allowed during this quarantine period? We’ve listed down some of the most important things to know about it. Check it out below:

Things Allowed in Areas under GCQ with Heightened Restriction

  • Individuals from 18-65 years old can leave their residences.
  • Only essential travel is allowed into and out of NCR Plus.
  • Public transportation is still operational with its capacities and protocols in accordance with DOT guidelines.
  • Indoor dine-in service shall be at 20% capacity, while outdoor dining shall be at 50% venue or seating capacity.
  • Outdoor tourist attractions may open at 30% with strict adherence to minimum public health standards.
  • Special markets of the DOT following minimum public health standards and implementation of protocols and restrictions as set by the DOT are allowed.
  • Religious gatherings, as well gatherings for necrological services, wakes, inurnment, and funerals for those who died of causes other than COVID-19 are allowed up to 10% of venue capacity.
  • Non-contact sports in outdoor contact sports, games, scrimmages; personal care services that allow for services not requiring mask removal, such as salons, parlors, beauty clinics, are allowed with heightened restrictions at 30% capacity.

Things Not Allowed in Areas under GCQ with Heightened Restriction

  • Entertainment venues, such as bars, concert halls, theaters, etc; recreational venues, such as internet cafes, billiards halls, arcades, etc; amusement parks, fairs, playgrounds, kiddie rides; indoor sports courts and venues and indoor tourist attractions; venues for meetings, conferences, exhibitions shall not be allowed in GCQ areas with heightened restrictions.
  • Interzonal travel from NCR Plus areas, except those conducted by Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APORs), shall remain prohibited in GCQ areas with heightened restrictions

For more information, visit the Philippine News Agency and PTV News websites.

Note: These rules and regulations are subject to change without prior notice.

Homestream image is from Bonifacio High Street’s official Facebook page.


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