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Thai Stars Mario Maurer, Gulf Kanawut, and Nonkul Chanon Talk About What Makes Them Feel #KiligSaya

ICYMI, Thai stars Mario Maurer, Gulf Kanawut, and Nonkul Chanon have recently joined TNT in the brand’s biggest campaign yet! As part of the #KiligSaya campaign, the trio also starred in the brand’s newest 3-minute music video sang by Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo and co-starred by actress Sue Ramirez.

TNT released the video in today’s TNTCON2021, an online event that brought the three actors closer to their Filipino fans.

Watch it below:

We got the chance to join Mario, Gulf, and Nonkul just ahead of their commercial premiere and the TNTCON2021 event. Here, they answered questions many have been dying to ask them.

Check out some of our favorite moments from the press event below:


What are your fondest memory from the Philippines?

Nonkul Chanon: My fondest memories in the Philippines is when I went to the Philippine fan meeting that my fan club hosted for me to meet them. After that, they invited me to a meal also. They treated me with a lot of delicious food. I found out there’s one food that [horrified me], and that was balut. That was the first time in my life I saw a duck egg. But I did try it and the taste is surprisingly better than I thought. 

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Gulf Kanawut: [My fondest memory was] when I went through one of the fan meetings like Nonkul did, and I tried taho for the very first time and I really liked it.

Mario Maurer: What Nonkul said is the balut egg, right? I have never ever tried it. 

Nonkul Chanon: P’Mario, you should try it! 

Mario Maurer: Nonkul, you’re the man for being able to try it! All the Filipino people tried to get me to eat balut. But I nearly cried [when I tried to eat it]. That was my best moment.

The TNT campaign called KILIG SAYA is all about being happy and thrilled. Can you tell us what’s been making you happy and thrilled these days?

Mario: What makes me happy is my job and all my fans. When I work, I have to take care of myself and follow up with the schedule. [The fans] made the Mario [of] today. All my work is keeping me busy. At the same time, it is keeping me happy, too. My fans, who are always supporting me, are what keeps me “Kilig Saya.” 

Gulf: If I can only achieve what I really want to do and I could do it, then that’s something that would make me happy already. 

Nonkul: Aside from work which I’m very lucky to be able to do, the very kilig saya moment in my life would be when I sit in the house, read comics, while eating my favorite meal. That’s the best Kilig Saya [moment] of my day.

What other projects would you like to do in the Philippines and why? 

Nonkul: For me, any type of work is great, whether it’s a TV series, film, and even an event, it’s fine for me, too. Especially if with these guys. I’d love to [do that]. 

Gulf: If given a chance to be there, I’d like to work on a movie project in the Philippines. That would give me the opportunity to meet my fans as well. 

Mario: For me, besides going to the Philippines, I would like to meet all my fans again. I also have my own YouTube channel, [so] I would like to go [there] with my manager and my team and shoot there when I have the chance.

If you can do a commercial with one of the newest SMART-TNT endorsers, who would you choose and why?

Nonkul: For me, definitely Chris Evans. I grew up watching him as Captain America and Human Torch in Fantastic 4. He’s a perfect human in my eyes. He’s very tall, very handsome, very muscular. His acting is very good too. 

Gulf: Chris Evans, because I want to join his team in the Avengers.

Mario: For me, I’d go with Sarah Geronimo, because I fell in love with the Philippines!

Can you share your optimistic mindset and outlook in life as the world goes through hard times? 

Nonkul: All the people may not think like me, but I think like this: When bad things happen, I will look for good things. But when good things happen, I also look for bad things that can possibly happen. This way, our life can be balanced. 

Gulf: Right now, the situation is very bad, so think of this as an upside, you don’t really have to go to work [outside]. You can spend your time with your family, and just stay safe. 

Mario: I try to look at it like a really hard rain or a hard storm. After the storm and the bad rain, there’s always sunshine. Let’s hope that we get to meet that beautiful sunshine again. I think that the best way is to keep ourselves safe, not go out a lot, keep social distancing, and everything will be okay soon. Everyone will get through this together.

For more updates regarding TNT’s partnership with Mario Maurer, Gulf Kanawut, and Nonkul Chanon, you can visit TNT’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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