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What’s On Your Mind?: Quarantine Stories, Part II

Everything is just uncertain nowadays. With the pandemic we’re all experiencing, the need to adapt and the anxiety that comes with it, we are left with too many thoughts in our mind that need to be aired. In this new series, we reach out to people from different walks of life under community quarantine and ask them a simple question: “What’s On Your Mind?” Here are their stories.

EG Bautista, 27, Quezon City
Senior Instructor, Ride Revolution

My job usually requires me to be in 5 different places a day, with guaranteed interaction with so many people – all different walks of life. The quarantine has forced me into isolation that has made me think bigger, making me really step out of my comfort zone. It makes me thankful for most of the things I easily take for granted. There are definitely moments of anxiety and mental stress when you think of the ‘uniformity’ of each day – not allowing any other social interaction than whomever you’re with. The possibility of prolonged lock-downs, the increasing rate of deaths, and hearing about people infected is getting closer to home. Just praying for more clarity from the government that leads us, and safety for front-liners that continue to save us.

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