Marvel Introduces the First Openly Gay Captain America

Meet the first gay Captain America this June!

For the first time in 80 years, Marvel is introducing an LGBTQ+ character who will take up the mantle of Captain America, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Named Aaron Fischer, the character is dubbed as “the Captain America of the Railways — a fearless teen who stepped up to protect fellow runaways and the unhoused.” Marvel also stated that the introduction of the LGBTQ+ hero is in honor of Pride Month.

Photo: Oliver Sava on Twitter

Fisher will appear on the limited series The United States of Captain America. It follows Steve Rogers and his fellow Captain Americas– Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, and John Walker– as they go on a road trip across the country to find Cap’s missing shield. Along the way, they will meet everyday people who have taken up the Captain America mantle to protect the people of their own communities.

Photo: Oliver Sava on Twitter

The series is written by Christopher Cantwell and illustrated by Dale Eaglesham. The first issue is penned by Joshua Trujillo and drawn by Jan Bazaldua.

“Aaron is inspired by heroes of the queer community: activists, leaders, and everyday folks pushing for a better life,” Trujillo said in a statement. “He stands for the oppressed, and the forgotten. I hope his debut story resonates with readers, and helps inspire the next generation of heroes.”


Meanwhile, Bazaldua stated: “I really enjoyed designing him and as a transgender person, I am happy to be able to present an openly gay person who admires Captain America and fights against evil to help those who are almost invisible to society. While I was drawing him, I thought, well, Cap fights against super-powerful beings and saves the world almost always, but Aaron helps those who walk alone in the street with problems that they face every day. I hope people like the end result!”

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The first issue of The United States of Captain America will be released on June 2.

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