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7 Facts About Martial Law and The People Power Revolution

We must not forget what the Filipino people fought for in 1986.

Today, we are celebrating the 35th anniversary of the People Power Revolution, also known as the EDSA Revolution– the series of peaceful protests in 1986 that took down the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos.

In this digital age, the truth about the Martial Law era is becoming more obscure to the masses, especially at a time when some people would easily believe anything they read on Facebook or watch on YouTube, as long as it confirms their bias.

Of course, the best way to remember the People Power Revolution and the long list of events that led to it is by educating ourselves about the subject with books and materials from credible sources. To get you started, we’ve rounded up a few bite-size facts about the Martial Law and the People Power revolution.

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1. “Looking Back: Martial law in 1896” (2009), Ambeth Ocampo for The Philippine Daily Inquirer
2. “A History of the Spanish-American War of 1898” by Richard H. Titherington
3. Proclaiming Martial Law Throughout The Philippines
4. “The Story of EDSA Shrine”, Bishop Gabriel Reyes & Archt. Francisco Mañosa
5. “Monuments and the battle for memory” (2017), Ambeth Ocampo for The Philippine Daily Inquirer
6. “Marcos diaries: ‘Delusions of a dictator'” (2013), Fernando Del Mundo for The Daily Inquirer
7. “Breakthrough: The Yellow Ribbon” (2016), Elfren S. Cruz for The Philippine Star
8. “L sign recovers from its loser status” (2009), Melissa de los Santos and Howie Severino for GMA News
9. “True or false: Was 1972 Enrile ambush faked?” (2012), The Philippine Daily Inquirer
10. “Arroyo proclaims martial law in Maguindanao” (2009), ABS-CBN News
11. “Duterte declares martial law in Mindanao” (2017), Yvette Morales for CNN Philippines


Homestream images from the EDSA Shrine website and Radio Veritas website.

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