Online News Roundup: I Care A Lot, The Penthouse Season 2

Online News Roundup: ‘The Penthouse Season 2,’ ‘I Care A Lot,’ and GOT7’s ‘Encore’

Here are 5 trending topics from last week.

With everything that’s happening today, it might be hard to keep track and stay updated on all the things that are happening all around us. To make catching up easier, here are 5 of the top and trending entertainment topics in the past couple of days!

The Penthouse Season 2

The hit K-drama The Penthouse returned for season 2 with a strong start last February 19. According to Nielsen Korea, the first episode scored an average rating of 16.7% and 19.1% for its two parts.

The Penthouse Season 2 picks up after the events of season 1, with Cheon Seo Jin and Joo Dan Tae finally able to get rid of the people in their way. It continues to follow the residents of the elite apartment called Hera Palace as they battle for power, wealth, and the most coveted penthouse unit. It stars Eugene, Kim So Yeon, Uhm Ki Joon, Yoon Jong Hoon, and more.

Stream the first and second seasons of the show on Viu.

Yellow Penguin in South Antarctica

Photo by Yves Adams | Kennedy News

Wildlife photographer Yves Adams captured a shot of a yellow penguin among thousands of black and white penguins in South Antarctica. According to Adams, the never-before-seen bird is a “leucistic” penguin, whose feathers have become of a yellow and creamy color because its cells no longer create melanin. Adams said that “it was heaven” that the penguin landed near them as it would have been impossible to take a photo of it had it been 50 or so meters away from him.


GOT7’s ‘Encore’

Korean group GOT7 has released a new single entitled “Encore” last Saturday, February 20. This is their first release after leaving JYP Entertainment, their agency for 7 years. The new song is a sentimental one about the group’s journey with their fans, with a promise that they’ll continue to “sing for you even if time passes.”

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The group repeatedly clarified that they will not be disbanding, and that they intend to release music as a group, while also doing solo projects.

Stream the GOT7’s “Encore” here.

Tribes of Europa

Tribes of Europa, which comes from the creators of Dark arrived on Netflix last Friday. This new sci-fi series follows three siblings as they try to survive in Europe after a global catastrophe. This catastrophe causes Europe to be divided into micro-states, all vying for dominance and power.

Stream the 6-part series here.

I Care A Lot

Another Netflix title that was popular over the weekend is J Blakeson’s I Care A Lot. The film, which stars Rosamund Pike, is a dark comedy thriller centering on Marla Grayson, a professional guardian who takes money from the wards that she takes care of. It’s a good plan for her and partner Fran, until she tries to bilk a woman who has connections to a powerful gangster.

Joining Rosamund Pike in the film are Eiza González, Peter Dinklage, and Dianne Wiest. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 12, 2020.

Stream the film here.

Homestream images are from Netflix and SBS.

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