Consider For a Valentine’s Date: Play Laser Tag!

Believe in Barney Stinson and get beaming this season!

The love month is upon us, and it's that time again to rack our brains and think of how we could make this Valentine's a bit different from the last few ones. Just a suggestion: if you've been very romantic in the past few years, then make this year's date lean more towards your fun side!

Is your partner a fan of first-person shooting games? How about Star Wars? How I Met Your Mother? If he or she, falls within one (or more) of these criteria, then you guys definitely need to try laser tag! That is, if you haven’t tried it yet.


Laser tag games are not new to the leisure trade after all, in fact it’s been around locally for over a decade… but it’s not getting old either. With its futuristic aesthetic, heart-pumping action, and strategic gameplay, it never ceases to be an ideal bonding activity for one’s family or barkada. And since it is the season of hearts, you could challenge your partner to a 1v1 battle, or you could team-up and fight against your friends and their partners, and see who's the best laser-gun-wielding couple!

One of the pioneers of laser tag games here in Manila is LazerXtreme. Located at the fourth floor of the Market! Market! in Taguig City, the laser tag center was first opened by Mr. Martial Beck back in May 30, 2008. What seems to be a small storefront is just the facade to the neon-lit battlefield where the laser tag games happen.

After getting cleared at the counter, players will be led to the Airlock, where a quick video will play on a screen briefing you with how the game works and what rules are to be followed. After that, it’s time to get your vests and laser guns. The vest puts light targets on your chest and back, and when a laser tags it, your gun becomes disabled for a few seconds. Yes, it’s just like respawning on Call of Duty Mobile. The game could be a team deathmatch or one vs. all, and whoever wins will get the bragging rights and a glass of iced tea. It doesn’t sound much but trust me, you’d definitely want that glass after the game.

Inside the labyrinthine room, you could try out different tactics as you go solo, or as a team member. Run around and shoot; keep your back on the walls then strike; back-up your teammate; or move atop the elevated platforms and perform a sniper;  each stratagem has its own advantages and disadvantages. Scores will be based on how many times you’ve tagged opponents, how many times you’ve been tagged, and the accuracy of your tagging. Bonus scores can also be redeemed by shooting designated targets scattered inside the room.

At LazerXtreme, each game only lasts for 15 minutes, but with all the action happening inside, it would really feel twice that given time. You should also prepare your workout towels and extra clothing because it’s literally an exercise. Maintaining a quick pace and doing numerous squats as you take cover, you’ll most likely come out there drenched in sweat.

Outside, you can check out your ranking and performance on a scoreboard, then plan out your next tactics during a short break before the next round. A game of laser tag at LazerXtreme costs P450 (Mon. to Thu.)/ P490 (Fri. to Sun.) for two rounds, and P650 (Mon. to Thu.)/ P690 (Fri. to Sun.) for three rounds. They also offer packages– inclusive of snacks and use of their function room– with rates ranging from P800 to P1,299. Check out their different packages here.

Even after over a decade, LazerXtreme continues to bring players that immersive sci-fi-esque laser tag experience. If you’re interested in playing at their arena, you can book in advance through their website; or contact them through these numbers: +632-8856-6467 / +632-8856-6469; 09176091619 / 09352255072. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more updates and details.

LazerXtreme is located at the 4th Level of Market! Market!, 26th St. cor. C5, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.


Homestream image from the LazerXtreme Facebook page.

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