What’s On Your Mind?: Quarantine Stories, Part V

Everything is just uncertain nowadays. We have so many thoughts in our minds that need to be aired with everything that’s been going on.

In this new series, we reach out to people from different walks of life under community quarantine. We ask them a simple question: “What’s On Your Mind?” Here are their stories.

Stephanie del Castillo, 27, Naga City
Law Student

I don’t even know where to begin. Right now most thoughts in my mind are questions with no answers. The future is just hazed by so much uncertainty. Until when is this lockdown going to be? Are we going to be safe after the lockdown? I mean, I don’t trust the government with completely containing this in the foreseeable future. How are our employees going to eat and feed their families if this lockdown continues? I could go on and on.

So much has happened over the past weeks that life seems to have been suspended with no clear direction in the foreseeable future. I just hope that when all this is over, the kindness and humanity people have shown each other continue even after this crisis. We can do so much more when we remember to treat each other as members of a single community whose lives are intertwined. I hope people act on the lessons learned during this time and take clear steps to address all the harsh truths and realities this crisis showed us, whether personal, social, or political.

Luis Degu, 30, Taguig
Part Owner and Instructor at Flyweight Boxing

Gratitude is all I can give at the moment because I am lucky enough to have the privilege to just stay at home and wait this whole thing out— a luxury I wish everyone had. This doesn’t come without its own battles, though.

For the most part, the first couple of weeks were great opportunities to relax, reflect and reset but at the same time living in isolation for an extended period of time can be mentally tough and bring out some pretty bad habits. However, the real trap here is telling yourself you will ditch these habits and improve when lockdown is finally lifted.

Now, with lockdown extended till the end of the month and with no real end in sight, it’s important to accept that this will be the new normal for the indefinite future. Be resilient and take control of what you can and build good habits. No excuses. We will come out of this as stronger and better individuals when it’s all said and done.

Claud Baron-Paulino, 34, Quezon City
Managing Director, Retail Lab

Our business and the welfare of our employees. This lockdown means zero income for our business but we can’t let our workers suffer so we are trying our best to extend support to them through this difficult time. And on a bigger scale, how this lockdown will affect retail stores and our economy.

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