The Russo Brothers Joined an ‘Endgame’ Watch Party and Live Tweeted Awesome Marvel Content

It's #AvengersAssemble while we stay at home, thanks to hosting a Quarantine Watch Party and a live tweet session with the Russo Brothers who shared tons of never before seen clips and photos of your favorite superheroes. 

It's #AvengersAssemble while we stay at home, thanks to hosting a Quarantine Watch Party!

The idea was simple: everybody who wanted to join in had to press play at a certain time for Avengers: Endgame, whether they have a digital/blu-ray copy or access to streaming such as Disney+, and the writing duo behind the film, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, take over the Twitter account to fill everyone in on the film's secrets, behind-the-scenes, and even answer fan questions. They first had a watch party for Infinity War and it brought so many fans over to Twitter to join in, so the Endgame #QuarantineWatchParty brought in even more people to partake on the awesomeness of the Marvel film.

What made these watch parties extra special is that the Russo Brothers themselves joined in on the live tweet sessions, sharing awesome video clips, photos, and stories on filming the 2018 superhero film, resulting in every MCU fan geeking over fresh Marvel content and reliving all these iconic movie moments.

If you missed out on the watch party fun, don't worry — we've rounded up some of our favorite tweets from the Russos and the writers to keep you entertained at home! 

Keep tabs on the next Quarantine Watch Party by following them on Twitter because they're going to be holding more quarantine movie marathons featuring some of your favorite superheroes. Your favorite superhero film might just be the next one!



Homestream image from @Russo_Brothers on Twitter.


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