Lockdown Entertainment: Best Things We Found Online This Week

Here's this week's roundup of funny and awesome things people are doing while in home quarantine!

We know that with this ongoing pandemic, which keeps us from going outside to hang out with our friends and loved ones, stress can be unavoidable. But we’re not alone, and luckily, social media users are making the current situation more bearable with posts of the random things they’ve been doing in their free time– posts that can be cute, funny, or just plain creative!

And to help spread the good vibes, we’re giving you a weekly roundup of the amusing things we found online that we hope would get you beaming even for just a few minutes. So go on, give it a scroll! Check out our roundup this sixth week of quarantine!

Calling 8-7000.

Original post here

This guy impresses ‘Us’.

Some homemade action-packed sequence.

An unexpected NSFW background shows up.

The fake tongue prank.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt calls for creativity.

Staying active in home quarantine.

Cheers mate!

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Homestream image from Daxs Austine de Asis on Facebook.

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