Ryuk Returns: The ‘Death Note’ Manga is Making a Comeback

After 12 years, the hit franchise ‘Death Note’ gets a new chapter!

Death Note fans, prepare your apples.

The manga series, Death Note, by writer Tsugumi Ohba and artist Takeshi Obata is in no doubt, a success; with the characters of Light Yagami, L, and even the Shinigami Ryuk, having made a prominent mark in popular culture. Not only was it adapted into a successful anime series, the story also got a live-action treatment both in Japan and the US, with the latter going straight to the international audience via the streaming service Netflix.

Now, an announcement had been dropped that the hit manga series is making a comeback with a new one-shot chapter that is 87 pages long. As reported by Crunchyroll, the new chapter will be released this February in Shueisha’s Jump SQ, a monthly manga magazine in Japan. The upcoming chapter is teased to tell the story of Ryuk’s Death Note falling once again on Earth after the events of the original manga.

For those who aren’t familiar to the series, Death Note is about the high school ace student Light Yagami, who picks up a notebook that can kill people just by writing their names on it. With his strong sense of justice (or twisted, one may argue), Light uses the notebook to kill off criminals. Then, a detective only known as ‘L’ steps forward to find out who the mysterious criminal murderer is. The two would then try to find out each other’s identities in a battle of wits between geniuses where the victor gets to uphold his take on justice, and the loser either gets killed or captured.

The Death Note manga is available via Shueisha’s Manga Plus website. You can also stream both the anime series and the American remake of Death Note on Netflix.


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