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A ‘Strawberry Moon’ Eclipse is Set to Happen This Week

June's full moon will coincide with a subtle penumbral eclipse!

To all fans of stargazing, here’s a celestial event to catch this weekend!

This week, the so-called Strawberry Moon will shine from dusk till dawn at certain parts of the planet, while here in the Philippines, the most subtle lunar eclipse will take place.

According to TimeandDate, June’s full moon will also bring a penumbral eclipse which will happen here on June 6, from 3:45AM to 5:04AM.

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One will know that the eclipse is in place when the full moon turns a shade darker during its maximum phase, but it is so subtle it isn’t exactly that easy to distinguish.

June’s full moon got its name because June is the season when wild strawberries begin to ripen. It also goes by the names Rose Moon, Hot Moon, and Mead Moon. For more information on this celestial event, check out the TimeandDate website.


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