Hello, 2017: All The Must-Have Planners and Journals That Will Help You Get Your Life Together​

Here are planners and journals you can choose from to help you start your 2017 on the right foot!

Wow, 2016 sure did go fast. 

Planners are like clothes – it comes in different shapes, sizes and designs to perfectly fit and match any personality. Whether it's your first time at this or have been a pro at planners all your life, jotting down plans and whatnots on a crisp blank page is always better than typing it on your laptop or smartphone. Here are planners and journals you can choose from to help you start your 2017 right:

Note: All of the planners listed below can be found in the Philippines and most of them are made from the heart by Pinoys and at ClickTheCity.com, we love supporting local. Moreover, the planners below are listed in no particular order.

Alunsina Handbound Books

Both the Mini and Big Kislap planners have handcrafted leather covers available in a variety of colors you can choose from — pink, distressed brown, sea green, gray, mahogany, brown, violet and mint green. One set includes a leather cover with pen holder, 3 refillable notebooks, felt pocket holder, a charm of your choice hanging on the elastic lock and a canvas pouch. What stands out with Alunsina's planners is everything's refillable so you can still use the leather covers for as long as you want to. 


Buy here.

Belle de Jour 


If you haven't had a Belle de Jour planner once in your life, you're missing out. Now on its 11th edition, the BDJ Power Planner continues its mission to empower and inspire today's women to their goals, dreams and to make a difference in the community. This year's Belle de Jour Power Planner (P598 to P680) has a magnetic bookmark and pages to help you easily achieve your goals, a full page where you can scribble on your 2017 goals, a page to jot down what makes you happy, your dream board and so much more! Add P100 and you get a customized BDJ Planner with your name on it! Now, that's a great addition to make it more personal. 

Making a comeback for 2017 are the Everything Is Possible Planner (P598), NAVI: Your Life Navigator (P598) and the Focus Journal (P450).

Buy here

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Just like last year, the CBTL is back with their Giving Journal which features four different colors – pink, blue, purple and black. You can find coupons for food and drinks at CBTL, a quote to push you every week, weekly views and notes in one spread. For every claimed journal, you help The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf give a brighter future to the Real Life Foundation. 

Buy at All Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branches.

Community Journal 

This marble and wood-designed hardbound planner is pretty simple. It is a notebook where you can plan your week, scribble down ideas, get things down and done on its graphed pages and blank pages.

Buy here.

Design Your Life

It sure looks like those notebooks we used to carry around in college! The original Design Your Life Planner (P595) features fun themes for every month. Flipping through the pages is also fun and is unlike any other planner in the market. Based on the principles of form, fun and function, the Back to Basics Planner (P595) features a fun minimalist vertical layout that allows you to get creative and design your own spreads. Moreover, the Limitless Planner (P550) is an undated planner with crisp and simple designs that allow its user to focus more on what matters most — themselves! 

Buy here.

Eskwelahan Planner

It is a special planner for anyone! The Eskwelahan planner (P400) features witty lines, trivia, pickup lines and fun activities which are inspired by different subjects, courses and interests. It has themes like Creative Writing, Typography, Desserts, Agriculture, Pets, Public Speaking and even Genetics. 

Buy here.


If you're all for quirky notebooks, here are two of Filed's you wouldn't want to miss. The Keepsake (P545) which has a white hard cover has a beautiful design of flowers in soft hues. It features exciting leisure activities and artworks that will make you want to cross everything off your bucket list. 

Moreover, the blush and indigo marbled cover and golden accent Scribble Planner (P595) will make you want to check out what's on each page. This planner is perfect for the goal-getters featuring exercises and tips on how you can find your passion and achieve your goals with the monthly artworks. 

Buy here and all Fullybooked branches.

Jacinto and Lirio  

Two things we love about these planners are its leather goods are handmade from water hyacinths and everything is Philippine-themed which makes it closer to the heart. Choose from three of the planners available: Laro (P999) which are the classic games Pinoys used to play as kids and are laser-etched on the cover, Likhain (P995) where you can keep your wallet and smartphone in one easy-to-reach-place and the Fauna Mahika Planner, pocket-sized organizer designed to help you keep your to-do lists and schedules in one place.

Buy here.

Life List

The goal of the Life List Planner (P1699) is simple, to help individuals to stop being busy and start being productive. Its design aims to help its user to achieve maximum productivity through listing and prioritizing activities to make time for the people and things that matter to you most. It comes in four sophisticated colors: classic dijon, elegant navajo, sexy fuchsia and pretty in pink.

Buy here.


This year's Good Vibes Planner (P390) isn't far from Moonleaf's planner last year. It still has the simple design perfect for everyday use and they have once again collaborated with Manila's finest young artist to showcase their talent through their interpretation of the Moonleaf cup. 2017 is all about productivity for this brand as they've included a weekly schedule, diet tracker, workout log, add-on pages towards the end of the planner and more.

Buy at all Moonleaf branches.


Being in the business for almost 50 years now, this brand has been a popular name when it comes to gifts and decorative accessories in the Philippines. This year's planners feature inspirational quotes like "The best way to predict your future is to create it," and "Work for a cause not for applause, live to express not to impress" on amazing backgrounds. You should also check out their pocket planners. We're loving the pug design! 

Buy here.


The Starbucks planner for 2017 comes in two designs – coffee stain, and sea-inspired design – and two sizes. Aside from the usual coupons that Starbucks gives away with its planner, those who get it also receive an erasable pen, a magnetic bookmark, and stickers.

Buy at all Starbucks branches.

Sunnies Studios

The Sunnies 2017 Agenda is the 3rd edition to their annual planners and come in pink and powder blue. It has a theme perfect for those who plan to conquer the world through traveling! Its hardcover comes in the perfect tones but wait until you see its candy-colored pages with big spaces for weekly and monthly views. In addition to a page where you can write on your traveler's info, there's also a list of things to pack, a list of currencies, timezones and even the different airports of the world!

Buy at all Sunnies Studios branches.

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