2021 Trends Bingo

2021 Trends Bingo: Which of These Did You Participate in This Year?

How's your 2021 trends bingo looking like?

It’s 2022 in just a few days and what better way to say goodbye to the year that was than take a look back on activities that made this year a little better?

While most things have opened up and have been made more accessible compared to 2020, most of us are still working from home and have witnessed all the trends come and go. Did you notice Dalgona made a comeback? Were you one of the 142 million households that streamed Squid Game? Did you try making that Feta Pasta dish that went viral on TikTok? Put yourself to the test and try out this 2021 trends bingo we created! Save it, cross it out, and compare with friends on social media!

How many did you cross out? 

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