Trending News Roundup: The Silent Sea, Emily in Paris

Trending News Roundup: Armi Millare, ‘The Silent Sea,’ ‘Don’t Look Up’

We know just how hard it is to keep track and stay updated on everything that has been going on online recently. That is why we’re giving you 5 of the most talked-about entertainment topics in the past couple of days to make catching up easier for you!

Armi Millare

After a 17-year run with UDD, the band’s frontwoman Armi Millare announced her departure from the group to pursue her solo career. The singer said on Instagram that she “decided to sever ties with Terno Recordings” back in June and that the fans’ love for the band gave her “the experience of a lifetime.” Meanwhile, the remaining UDD members also posted an announcement on Facebook, taking the chance to thank her for sharing her talent in the songs they’ve created. The band’s remaining members are The band is now left with Carlos Tañada on lead guitars, Ean Mayor on drums, and Paul Yap on bass.

BTS’ Suga, RM, and Jin

Three BTS members — RM, Suga, and Jin — have tested positive for COVID-19. This was announced by their label BIGHIT MUSIC on WEVERSE in the last couple of days. According to the official post, RM and Suga have exhibited no symptoms, while Jin has been showing mild symptoms, including a light fever. All members have been quarantined and undergoing self-treatment at home and in accordance with the health authorities’ guidelines.

The Silent Sea

The Silent Sea, one of the most highly-anticipated releases of 2021, has finally started streaming on Netflix on Christmas Eve! The series is Korea’s first sci-fi mystery series, and is set in a future Earth that has undergone desertification. It follows a special team who must obtain a mysterious sample from an abandoned research facility on the moon. Things take a turn for them when they encounter unimaginable mysteries as soon as they land on the moon and arrive on the research base. The series stars Gong Yoo, Bae Doona, Lee Joon, Kim Sun Young, Lee Moo Saeng, and more.

Stream it here.


8 Things To Know About ‘The Silent Sea’ — Korea’s First Sci-Fi Mystery Series

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Emily in Paris, Season 2

Another series that made its premiere on Netflix last week is Emily in Paris, which is now in its second season. It continues to follow Lily Collins’ Emily, who is now better at navigating the city despite still struggling with French life. This time around, Emily is more determined to focus on her work, especially after getting into a love triangle with her neighbor and her first real French friend. Just as she is starting to find her footing, she meets a fellow expat who infuriates and intrigues her at the same time. Joining Collins in the series are Ashley Park, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Lucas Bravo, Lucien Laviscount, and more

Stream it here.

Lily Collins’ Love Interests Share What to Expect on ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2

Don’t Look Up

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence’s newest Netflix film Don’t Look Up also made its premiere on the streaming site last December 24. It follows astronomy grad student Kate Dibiasky and her professor Dr. Randall Mindy who go on a media tour that takes them to different offices to warn the public about a comet that’s on a direct collision course with the Earth. Aside from DiCaprio and Lawrence, the movie features a star-studded cast which includes Meryl Streep, Timothee Chalamet, Ariana Grande, Scott Mescudi, and more.

Stream it here.

The Sky Is Falling: a review of ‘Don’t Look Up’

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