Trending News Roundup: BTS and Lizzo, IKEA

Trending News Roundup: IKEA PH, BTS and Lizzo, ‘Hellbound’

We know just how hard it is to keep track and stay updated on everything that has been going on online recently. That is why we’re giving you 5 of the most talked-about entertainment topics in the past couple of days to make catching up easier for you!

IKEA Philippines

After such a long wait, IKEA Philippines is finally opening this Thursday, November 25! The store is set to be the first in the country and the biggest in the world, housing the store’s retail space, warehouse, and call center. It also carries the brand’s restaurant, where customers can try out famous Swedish food products, meatballs, hotdogs, and ice cream.

To visit, you need to book your slot on IKEA’s website. Note that they only open 100 slots for every time slot.

FIRST LOOK: The First IKEA Philippines Store, Opening This November 25

Sehun in Now, We Are Breaking Up

EXO’s Sehun made his first appearance in Jang Ki Yong and Song Hye Kyo’s new K-drama Now, We Are Breaking Up. His first acting role in a major network drama, Sehun plays Hwang Chi Hyung, the youngest son of the owner of Song Hye Kyo’s fashion company. While he seems smarter than his older sister, he’s also honest in an unrestrained way, speaking his mind whenever needed.


Sehun’s appearance in the drama’s 4th episode trended worldwide under the hashtag #SEHUNinNWABU.

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BTS and Lizzo

BTS and Lizzo have been spotted at the Harry Styles “Love on Tour” show in Los Angeles last week. The stars took photos together at the show and shared videos of them dancing along to “What Makes You Beautiful.” Fans of the artists would know that this isn’t the first time they showed their liking for each other, with Lizzo covering “Butter” for the BBC Live Lounge and the group responding to the cover for the song on VLive.

Kim Seon Ho

After the controversy that surrounded him a few weeks back, Kim Seon Ho is set to make his return to the acting scene in Sad Tropics. The actor is confirmed to attend the script reading for the film on December 3. Sad Tropics is about a young Korean-Filipino boy who dreams of becoming a boxer and decides to go to South Korea to search for his father. The film stars Go Ara, Kim Seon Ho, Kang Tae Joo, and more.


Train to Busan director Yeon Sang Ho’s newest K-drama Hellbound has finally premiered on Netflix last Friday. The 6-episode K-drama is set in Seoul, where demonstrations of hell take place. Taking advantage of this situation is Jung Jin Soo, who leads the religious organization called The New Truth and claims that these supernatural events are the will of the divine. Rising up against this cult is Min Hye Jin, who joins forces with other people in protecting the hellbound. Yoo Ah In, Kim Hyun Joo, Park Jeong Min, Won Jin Ah, and Yang Ik Jun star in this drama.

Everything You Need To Know About the New Netflix K-Drama ‘Hellbound’

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