Trending News - SB19 and Nadine Lustre

Trending News Roundup: Nadine Lustre’s ‘Wait For Me,’ SB19’s ‘Bazinga,’ and Lonely Planet

We know just how hard it is to keep track and stay updated on everything that has been going on online recently. That is why we’re giving you 5 of the most talked-about entertainment topics in the past couple of days to make catching up easier for you!

Nadine Lustre’s “Wait for Me”

Nadine Lustre has released her newest track “Wait For Me” last October 29, which is just a few days before her birthday on October 31. The R&B pop track is all about letting go after a breakup and was written by Antonio Cuna, Bekah Novi, Dewain Whitmore, and produced by Sweater Beats and Marcus Davis. The song is said to close this part of her career as she takes a hiatus from music to work on her upcoming film.

Stream the song here.

My Hero Academia’s World Heroes’ Mission

The newest My Hero Academia has finally premiered in US cinemas after its premiere in Japan. The movie has been received well, despite it premiering on just 1,500 screens across the US and Canada. World Heroes’ Mission follows Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki on their biggest mission yet as they team up with Endeavor to take on a deadly mission around the world that involves pro heroes from other countries.

SB19’s “Bazinga”

P-pop boy group SB19 has also released their new song “Bazinga” last Friday, October 29. The song comes with a game-inspired music video directed by Jonathan Tal Placido, showing the members fighting enemies in an underground arena. As of writing, the music video has already gained over 800,000 views on YouTube.


Stream the song here.

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Miss Intercontinental 2021

Cinderella Fay Obeñita wins the Miss Intercontinental 2021 crown during last Friday’s coronation night held in Egypt. The beauty queen then posted a statement on Instagram, where she wrote: “Mabuhay, Pilipinas! We made it here, where it all began. Now begins a new journey to circle the continents and bring our Filipino brand of beauty, Power of Beauty that is felt in the kindness of our hearts and the sincerity of our loving actions!”

Lonely Planet

Screenshot from Lonely Planet’s website

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2022 is now available on sale to give people a guide on all the must-visit places in the world. This year’s Top 10 cities, regions, and countries include Egypt, Malawi, Nepal, Oman, Anguilla, Slovenia, and Belize. The top spots on the list go to the Cook Islands at #1, followed by Norway and Mauritius at #2 and#3, respectively.

Homestream images screenshot from Careless Music and SB19’s official Twitter page.

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