We The North: SMDC’s Trees Residences in Novaliches Offers Accessibility, Resort-Style Amenities, & More

SMDC’s Trees Residences is an ultra-accessible residential property in Novaliches which features complete resort-style amenities and sports facilities surrounded by lush gardens with an integrated commercial strip.

Metro Manila is a sprawling metropolis that has long been the center of activity in the Philippines. Comprised of several cities and municipalities, it is no exaggeration to say that the heartbeat of the country emanates from Metro Manila.

As bustling as Metro Manila is, there is one part of the metropolis that is quietly in the process of major transport development and possessing its own hub of activity. That area is Novaliches.

SMDC’s Trees Residences is an 8.3-hectare master-planned community, located in the thriving district of Novaliches, Quezon City.

The northernmost district of Quezon City, Novaliches is well on its way to becoming a transport hub as two stations of the MRT 7 Line are projected to be completed by December 2022. This is an important advantage, since the train line connects to the North Triangle Common Station, where transfers can be made to the LRT1 Line, MRT3 Line or the Mega Manila Subway. This development means easy access to CBDs, Government Institutions, and regional and global gateways like the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, and the new international airport in Bulacan.

“Availability of infrastructure developments will enhance accessibility and mobility in the long haul,” shares Catherine Reformado, Associate Director-Research Division of Leechiu Property. After all, these “will result in further increase of land and property prices,” things that investors keep an eye on when those prices do rise.

Trees Residences’ hotel-styled lobby with custom furnishings provide a warm and stylish welcome to its residents and guests.

The significance of these transport options becomes complementary to one prime property that is under the auspices of SM Development Corporation (SMDC). SMDC’s Trees Residences is an ultra-accessible residential property in Novaliches which features complete resort-styled amenities and sports facilities surrounded by lush gardens with an integrated commercial strip.


Another proof of its investment potential, SMDC’s Trees Residences is strategically adjacent to malls including SM City Fairview and SM City Novaliches, schools such as the National University campus in Fairview, as well as several office spaces, all while offering a safe, secure, healthy, and convenient lifestyle.

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At the heart of SMDC’s Trees Residences is a resort-inspired amenity area with pools, lounges, and function rooms.
The community also has a multipurpose basketball court and lush linear parks 

Reformado adds that one of the things investors look for in purchasing condo units is its location. “To live near comfort, proximate to everything: work, live and play, value for investments, and accessibility,” she says of that train of thought, and SMDC’s Trees Residences clearly meets those requirements.

“Good location means high desirability,” Reformado notes. “Condo property in a strategic location is giving a great vantage point for both end-users and investors. Condos in CBDs are still the best with high resale value because of limited inventory and developable land. But one can also generate substantial returns by: flipping it then selling it a higher price and leasing it to working professionals.”

With its accessibility and location, SMDC’s Trees Residences is a lucrative investment for its happy homeowners. Since its launch in 2013, a 90% increase in capital appreciation of the property has been seen. With the transportation development nearing completion, property value at Trees Residences are projected to continue to rise.

For unit owners who want to rent their properties out, SMDC Leasing offers hassle-free services for long-term and short-term leasing options, assuring prospective owners of guaranteed income and regular upkeep and maintenance.

As more businesses seek to decongest the center of Metro Manila, taking their companies north to an area like Novaliches is becoming a more viable option. A property at SMDC’s Trees Residences is definitely worth one’s hard-earned money.

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