Trending News Roundup: Blue Period, Maria Ressa

Trending News Roundup: ‘Blue Period,’ Maria Ressa, and Adele’s ‘Eyes on Me’

Here are all the topics you may have missed last week.

We know just how hard it is to keep track and stay updated on everything that has been going on online recently. That is why we’re giving you 5 of the most talked-about entertainment topics in the past couple of days to make catching up easier for you!

Blue Period

The new anime series Blue Period has started streaming on Netflix last Saturday. It follows Yatora Yaguchi, who’s been battling feelings of emptiness and frustration despite excelling in school and being well-liked by his peers. Things change for him when he finds himself drawn to a painting, driving himself to discover the beautiful world of art. This series is based on the manga of the same name by Tsubasa Yamaguchi.

Stream the anime here.

Jung Ho Yeon for Louis Vuitton

After the success of Netflix’s Squid Game, actress Jung Ho Yeon, who played Kim Sae Byeok in the series has been announced to be Louis Vuitton’s newest Global House Ambassador. In a statement by the brand’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere on Instagram, he said: “I immediately fell in love with HoYeon’s great talent and fantastic personality, and I am looking forward to starting this new chapter of the journey we started at Louis Vuitton a few years ago.”

The 27-year-old model and actress joins BTS in Louis Vuitton’s roster of Global Ambassadors.


Maria Ressa

Maria Ressa has recently been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2021 by the Norwegian Nobel Committee for their “efforts to safeguard freedom of expression.” According to a statement released by the Norwegian Nobel Committee, “Maria Ressa uses freedom of expression to expose abuse of power, use of violence, and growing authoritarianism in her country, the Philippines.”

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Also receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for 2021 is Russia’s Dmitry Muratov.


BLACKPINK’s Lisa has recently set two new Guinness World Records after the release of her solo single album Lalisa. The MV for “Lalisa,” released last September 10, broke the world record for most-viewed YouTube music video with 73.6 million views, beating the previous record of Taylor Swift’s “Me!”

Lisa also broke the record for the most-viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours by a solo K-pop artist. The record was previous held by her own groupmate Rose, whose debut single “On the Ground” received 41.6 million views in 24 hours back in March.

Adele’s “Eyes on Me”

Adele has recently released the teaser to her upcoming new single “Easy on Me” which will drop this October 15. In a recent Instagram Live, the British singer also gave fans a quick snippet of the song, making fans even more excited for it. The singer also revealed that the upcoming album, entitled 30, will be all about her divorce from her ex-husband Simon Konecki.

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