Hustle Turf: 10 Creative Spaces in Manila for Freelancers to Get Their Work Done

If you’ve been wanting to switch up your personal work space and try a new setting from your usual coffee place for a change, we've got plenty of newly discovered and rediscovered places for that much needed productivity boost.

The ambiance of a certain place affects how we work. It’s in the vibe of its four corners that our minds resonate to. It’s in a particular space where our creative juices get stimulated—one where the ideas in our mind get churned out and tuned out. This is especially true with freelancers. With no confined office cubicle to attend to day in and day out, the entire Metro becomes their oyster.

If you’re one of those people and you’ve been wanting to switch up your personal work space and try a new setting from your usual coffee place for a change, we've got plenty of newly discovered and rediscovered places for that much needed productivity boost.

1. High Street Lounge

Shangri-La at the Fort Manila, BGC

Instantly feel like royalty with Shangri-La at the Fort’s High Street Lounge. It’s known to be a vibrant social hub at the heart of BGC, but we’ve heard plenty stories of how productivity abounds here. It must be in the elegant plush sofas, or in the smooth jazz music reverbrating beneath the walls, or in the amazing view of the bustling city at night. Or maybe it’s in their surprisingly bang-for-your-buck selection of fine iced teas, artisinal lemonades, coffee, and tea. Bonus points for their fast wifi.


2. Diligence Café

Katipunan, Quezon City

True to its name, Diligence Café values perseverance and drive to finish the task at hand excellently. In itself, the setting speaks volumes of this. Here, you can sigh a breath of relief as there is an abundance of sockets and extension cords. Then, there’s unlimited coffee and high-speed internet connection for everyone to share. Plenty of nooks abound for every need—be it a quiet area for reading or a conference room for brainstorming sessions. You can even take a shower to freshen up or a nap to recharge (fill out a nap slip to be woken up by staff). Better believe it, this is the place to be to get your work done.



The world belongs to those who HUSTLE #Acceler8PH #RealConnections

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3. Acceler8

Paseo and Tordesillas, Makati City


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With the emergence of coworking spaces in the Metro, more and more freelancers are getting connected and growing into a community of their own. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that these spaces are designed with characteristic aesthetic appeal. Acceler8’s strategically placed locations in Makati’s CBD ticks off all these boxes. You’ll find quotes like “Never Settle Ever” and “The World Belongs To Those Who Hustle” plastered in giant letters, and they do serve as great reminders for you to keep the hustle going. But perhaps the best part? The awesomeness of the people who cowork here—Acceler8’s Real Connections culture goes beyond the tagline.


4. Coreon Gate Internet Cafe

Malate, Manila , Metrowalk, Pasig , and Poblacion, Makati

If you thought internet cafes are a thing of the past, Coreon Gate Internet Cafe will make you rethink your life choices. Its first branch was opened in Malate, Manila a few years back and since, they have grown to two more branches. The magic lies in their reinterpretation of a cult afterschool classic—a place that lives on in our memory of a venue where we play ‘til the wee hours of the morning or, you know, cramming that research paper. What Coreon takes after are those Korean PC rooms where patrons can order up a snack and drink while playing multiplayer games. Rest assured however this is a space for that much needed productivity boost. At a stunning max internet speed zone of 200 mbps, you’re sure to get everything done in no time.


5. Fully Booked High Street

Bonifacio High Street, BGC

If you’re the type of creative who feels happiest around books, or you just really need a lot of research material and pegs for your impending masterpiece, look no further than the Fully Booked branch in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig. Bring your laptop along and find your own place among the store’s spacious five floors. We love how the culture of reading is further encouraged here as it is allowed to pick up unsealed books, magazines, paperbacks, or what have you, and spend hours cooped up in it.


6. Grow Space

BGC, Taguig

Grow Space BGC is the kind of refuge you seek in the middle of city life. While smaller than most coworking spaces, its intimate set-up is like an unlikely oasis waiting to be found. Upon entering, you’ll find a myriad of succulents, plants, and greeneries happily lined up and greeting you with their vibrant hello’s. With a set-up likened to that of a living room, floor pillows and rattan seats complete the cozy vibe. Then, there’s the soft whisper of background music humming in the background—calming and giving one a sense of ease. No loud shennanigans, just pure zen. You’ll totally find yourself in the zone here.


7. FIRST Coworking

Escolta, Manila

Situated in the historical remnants of Escolta, once the queen street of Manila’s golden days, FIRST is one of the many revival efforts being done around the area to restore it to its former glory—albeit a new generation. The building it’s housed in references a lot of history in its walls. Prominent personalities have once walked these halls, mind you, so you’re in good hands. Colossal windows give you a sneak peek of the remnants of a booming locale of years past, all in the midst of being revitalized. It’s become the place to be for startups and freelancers to thrive and eventually make their own mark in history.


8. Satchmi

SM Megamall, Mandaluyong and UP Town Center, Quezon City

Getting the creative juices flowing is directly proportional to great playlist curations. And thankfully, lifestyle stores that double as cafes like Satchmi exist in the Metro. Here, music is celebrated by going back in time in the best possible way—through vinyls and old record players. You’ll find a plethora of records from different eras across different genres. ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, early 2000’s, the now, name it, they have it. And yes, you can take a break from your workload to put some records on and have a leisurely listen with their headphones. They even have a Listening Room you can lose yourself in. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they have an A plus coffee selection.



Good Morning, Sunday! Let’s have breakfast, we’re already open. #RefineryPH

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9. Refinery

Promenade, Greenhills and Rockwell, Makati City


Happy Hour time.

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Refinery is the place to be for creatives and freelancers looking for a place to hole up for the entire day. This French boulangerie-inspired diner offers no judgment and plenty of selections that can take you from morning to night. The place screams industrial and rustic chic—a spin-off of your dream sala, and the ambiance that will guarantee a surge of productivity. To start off your work sesh, why not order their craft coffees and filling all-day breakfast fares? Make your way to lunch with their cocktails and take your pick from the bevy of comfort food at their arsenal. Then, have the perfect night cap by giving yourself a pat on the back and inviting some friends over for a glass of wine. Time to raise those glasses for a job well done!



Look how cozy #TheJuicePub is!

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10. The Juice Pub

BF Homes, Paranaque City

Healthy living is not a myth. And if, like most, your 2018 resolution is to do your body right and eat more wholesome food, The Juice Pub has heard your cry. Tucked in the gastronomic haven that is BF Homes, this quaint shack will empower your resolve for healthy eats as you work on your magnum opus. It’s a win-win too as wholesome food not only does a body good, but is also scientifically proven to give you clearer focus and a drive that does not wane, so you are able to finish more and finish with quality. Make sure you order their juices and slushies packed with all the good stuff (we’re talking vitamins, minerals, and so much more).


Homestream image from Instagram ( @acceler8ph, dineshangrilafort, and @growspaceph).

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