9 Alternative Date Ideas in Quezon City for a Unique Valentine's Day

Want to spice things up a bit? Maybe add a dash of adventure to your annual Valentine’s celebration and take a break from all those fancy dinner reservations? This season, why not change things up and go out of your comfort zone? Besides, Valentine’s can always go beyond those fancy flowers and chocolates.

Whether it is live music, art, or the outdoors, there are many ways to go out of your comfort zone to spoil your loved one (and surprise them). Here are the places for you to enjoy in Quezon City especially if you’re both from the north and not in the mood to brave the metro traffic!



Love listening to local bands play live? Enjoy classic carnival attractions such as the ferris wheel or even playing those carnival games? If yes, then the UP Fair is right choice for you and your significant other! This week-long event features different local bands and artists such as Ebe Dancel, Rivermaya, Ben&Ben, IV of Spades, and many more.

For more information, follow UP FAIR’s Facebook page (Facebook.com/UPFair) to check the ticket prices as it varies per event, and to check which bands you prefer to see.

  • LOCATION: Sunken Garden, University of the Philippines, Diliman
  • OPERATING HOURS: 4pm onwards
  • WEBSITE: facebook.com/UPFair



2. Art In Island

Want to feel like you’re part of an artwork and have an instaworthy shot of you and your date? Step up your Instagram game with Cubao’s very own Art in Island Interactive Museum and get a chance to become part of the artwork as you take unique couple photos that will surely make your feed.

  • LOCATION: 15th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City
  • TICKET PRICES: P699 for you and your date on Valentine’s Day (Regular price: P500/adult, P400/student)
  • OPERATING HOURS: 9:30am - 9:30pm (Tuesday - Sunday), Closed Mondays
  • WEBSITE: facebook.com/artinisland

3. UP Vargas Museum

For the couples who want to just enjoy the artwork itself, they should head on down to UP’s Vargas Museum as it is the only one of its kind, fully embracing the spectrum of Philippine artistry. Take a walk around the museum with your S.O. as you both unravel the history the artworks brings. What a better way to spend Valentine’s than to take a walk down memory lane, one artwork at a time?

  • LOCATION: Jorge B. Vargas Museum and Filipiniana Research Center, Roxas Avenue, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City
  • TICKET PRICES: P30 per person
  • OPERATING HOURS: 9am - 5pm (Tuesday - Sunday), Closed Mondays
  • WEBSITE : facebook.com/vargasmuseum.upd

4. Sip & Gogh

Don’t want to just simply look and take photos of the artwork? Not afraid to get a little dirty? How about create the artwork yourself? At Sip & Gogh, you and your partner can be artists yourselves as you paint masterpieces. What’s even more special than exploring each of your creativities?

  • LOCATION: 1 Capitol Hills Drive, Capitol GreenStreet, Old Balara, Quezon City, Philippines
  • OPERATING HOURS: 1:30 PM - 11:30 PM (Tuesday - Friday), 11 AM - 8 PM (Saturday - Sunday), Closed (Mondays)
  • FACEBOOK PAGE: facebook.com/SipAndGogh


5. DMZ Archery Range

Get an adrenaline rush by spending Valentine’s Day knowing how to use a bow and arrow right! Unleash your inner Katniss Everdeen and Legolas for a day to try a new sport altogether. Besides, what’s a better way to spend your Valentine’s than shooting arrows — minus cupid, of course.

  • LOCATION: 18 Mystic Rose Drive Sanville Subdivision Project 6, Quezon City
  • PRICES: P200/hour per person
  • OPERATING HOURS: 1:00pm - 9:00pm (Monday - Friday), 10am - 9pm (Saturday), 10am - 8pm (Sunday)
  • WEBSITE: facebook.com/dmzarchery

6. Power Up

What a better way to strengthen your relationship than to be the belayer of your significant other? Take a leap of faith with wall-climbing and conquer your fear of heights. Not only will you have a good sweat out of this workout, but you’ll also have a chance to test out each other’s trust — that’s if you’re up for a challenge.

  • LOCATION: 690 Tandang Sora Avenue, Old Balara, Quezon City
  • PRICES: P450 (first time fee inclusive of day pass, gear rental & one-time belay training); top rope - P200 pesos, belay training - P100, shoes - P100, harness - P50
  • OPERATING HOURS: 2pm - 10pm (Weekdays), 12nn - 8pm (Weekends)
  • WEBSITE: facebook.com/POWERUPclimbing



7. Ninoy Aquino Parks & Wildlife Center

Are you the type of couple that needs a break from the bustling city? What if we told you that just within Quezon City, a beautiful zoological and botanical garden awaits you? The Ninoy Aquino Parks & Wildlife Center is meant for you to escape the city as it holds not only a botanical garden, but they also have a zoo for you to explore.

  • LOCATION: Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center, 1100 Diliman Quezon City, Philippines
  • PRICES: 30 pesos (adults), 15 pesos (students)
  • OPERATING HOURS: 8 AM - 5PM (Everyday)
  • WEBSITE: facebook.com/bmbnapwc


8. Wagging Tails Cafe

If your partner is a dog lover, then this will make him or her instantly smile -- why not surprise your date with some doggo cuteness? Get a chance to interact with different kinds of dog breeds in this unique animal cafe! Take photos, pet some dogs, and enjoy a cup of coffee in this friendly space. What’s a more memorable Valentine’s day than one with adorable dogs?

  • LOCATION: 120 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City
  • PRICES: P250 (unlimited coffee/juice), P60 (photo with the dogs)
  • OPERATING HOURS: 11am - 9pm (Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday) 11am - 10pm (Saturday), Closed Mondays
  • WEBSITE: facebook.com/waggingtailscafe17

9. Cat Cafe Manila

Are you and your partner more of cat people? Then why not spend your Valentine’s day with some cat cuteness? Experience something new with your partner as you dine with cats and get a chance to interact with these furry creatures. Cat Cafe Manila has also partnered with CARA Welfare Philippines (Compassion and Responsibility for Animals). Surely, this good cause and unique cafe can make this adventure the most memorable Valentine’s yet.

  • LOCATION:2nd Floor, 189 Maginhawa Street, Teacher's Village, Diliman, Quezon City
  • PRICES: P200 entrance fee (guests are required to reserve tickets online)
  • OPERATING HOURS: 12pm -8pm (Monday-Thursday), 12pm - 10pm (Friday-Saturday)
  • WEBSITE: facebook.com/catcafemanila


All images courtesy of official Facebook pages of respective establishmments.

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