The Planners and Journals Everyone Needs To Own for 2016

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It's that time of the year again when we invest in planners to scribble on our plans, thoughts and whatnots for the year to come. What's interesting is that you can actually use it as a time capsule (if you haven't yet) and you can look back at the sad, now funny, things you've written before. Because it won't judge you if you do.

Every planner is different; good thing there are a lot of choices in the market for whatever your taste is. Nothing says you're ready for the future than owning these planners. Choose among them and see what would best fit your personality and which one would try to help manage your cluttered life.

Note: All of the planners listed below can be found in the Philippines and most of them are made from the heart by Pinoys. Moreover, the planners below are listed in no particular order.


The Giving Journal 2016 from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Collection of stickers for the Giving Journals 2016 have already started last October 23, 2015. The journals come in 4 colors and you can collect stamps in stores by getting beverages and other special items -- 12 stamps gets you one Giving Journal. What's nicer is that, for every claimed journal, you help The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf give a brighter future to the Real Life Foundation. 

Photo Courtesy of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Buy: All Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branches

Doodle Planner from Filed (P595)

Adult coloring books received a lot of hype this year. And if you're still thining if you should buy that 700-peso worth book, why not hit two birds with one stone and get this doodle planner instead?

Photo Courtesy of Filed

Scribble Planner from Filed (P595)

Who says you always need to be neat when writing on your planner? This Scribble planner gives you the freedom to do whatever your heart desires as long as you can still read your handwriting, of course. It has pages dedicated to listing your goals, you can even write to yourself, a personality checklist and a 21-day challenge you might want to check out (and actually finish).

Photo Courtesy of Filed

Camper Planner from Filed (P545)

This planner is perfect for those who have always been in love with traveling. It has a page where you can list down places you want to discover, your adventure map and travel tips which you can share to your friends. Plus points for the expense tracker and travel musings pages which you can use when you are already traveling.  

Photo Courtesy of FiledBuy: Filed, FullyBooked, Powerbooks, Scribe Writing Essentials, LS Bookstore in ADMU, Tams Bookstore in FEU Morayta

The Daykeeper 2016 Planner (P1090)

The planner is a datebook for those who want to change the world and record their adventures while on the journey -- it includes 4 postcards, a gift box, an envelope, monthly and weekly spreads. What's exciting is that you can jot down things that makes you smile every week and there is also a space where you can write what you are thankful for because being grateful is key. It is definitely something you scribble on so you can read in the future and say that you've achieved so much.

Photo Courtesy of The Narrow Road CoBuy: The Narrow Road Co, Heima Brixton

Frankie 2016 Daily Journal (P1650)

It has florals, dots, stripes and quirky shapes that have been hand-drawn in the pages of the planner. It has 160 pages where you can scribble dates and daily musings. From gift tags to stickers, you'll definitely enjoy writing your thoughts on this journal.

Image: Heima OnlineBuy: Heima Online, Heima Brixton


Hartley & Marks Asiana Planner (P752)

The Hartley & Marks Asiana Planners' designs has a touch of royalty to it which you'd enjoy writing on your daily musings and your to-do lists. Moreover, you'll find these planners handy when you're traveling since there's a page which features internation dialling codes, clothing sizes, measurements, temperature conversion tables and more.

Image: National Bookstore

Buy: National Bookstore


Moonleaf Planner (P350)

This year's planner is different from all the planners they've released since it features content music and films from Filipino artists and artwork from the Moonleaf community. For P500, it comes with a tote bag "tulog ka muna, para 'pag gising mo may lakas ka ulit umasa." Who doesn't want to write on a planner that's close to your heart, right?

Photo Courtesy of Moonleaf Tea ShopBuy: Any Moonleaf Tea Shop branches

Cavallini & Co. 2016 Planners (P709)

The covers has a very nice color palette and would remind you of Wes Anderson's style which are actually cute and easy on the eye. The planners have monthly calendars, weekly views and extra pages for notes for your thoughts. Moreover, there are transit maps for London, New York and Paris so that would be a big help if you plan on going to those places.

Image: Cavallini & Co.

Buy: National Bookstore

Belle de Jour Power Planner from BDJ (P598)

The classic BDJ planners come in three kinds -- smythe sewn, spiral bound and the limited edition leather cover (P680). Everything included with coupons worth up to P40,000 so you don't want to miss out on that.

Image: Belle de Jour

Everything is Possible Planner from BDJ (P598)

The planner encourages you to make your life simple and will make you realize that even the little things you do brings you one step closer to achieving your goals. If you want a little push in your life, this is perfect for you.

Image: Belle de Jour

NAVI: Your Life Navigator from BDJ (P598)

This planner is best for those who loves exploring new heights and would want to write everything about it while they're at it. It has a travel curious coupon booklet for those who want a glimpse of the world.

Image: Belle de Jour

Focus Journal from BDJ (P450)                   

The brand's newest planner is "for the thinker who aims to become the master of his thoughts," according to the company. The journal has a minimalist design with clean typography to help you escape the noise around you. There are also power words and suggested activities to do so you can focus more on your thoughts before writing.

Image: Belle de Jour

Tip: Buy online and you'll get 10% off on your BDJ planners
Buy: BDJ Online, Fully Booked, Power Books, National Bookstore

Moleskine Planner from Starbucks

If you can't go a day with your cup of joe, get your planner while getting your coffee fix. All you need is to accumulate 18 stickers -- 9 christmas beverages and 9 core beverages -- in exchange of a limited edition Moleskine planner from Starbucks. The planners come in two sizes -- the large planner in green and white and the small planner in red and black.

Image: Starbucks Philippines

Papemelroti Pocket Planners (P20)

These pocket planners from Papemelroti has the same look and feel they have all these years. Each planner only has 16 pages which is pretty straightforward and you can bring every day. Check out the design in the middle which reminds us to enjoy the extra 24 hours since next year's a leap year and that we should make every moment count.

Photo Courtesy of PapemelrotiBuy: Papemelroti

Kislap Journal from Alunsina Handbound Books (P1,800)

You might get a little shocked because the journal is a little pricey but is actually worth it as it is a set and comes with 3 refillable notebooks, a leather cover with pen holder, a felt pocket folder, your choice of charm on its elastic lock and a canvas pouch.

Photo Courtesy of Alunsina Handbound Books

Buy: E-mail

Sunnies Agenda from Sunnies Studios (P499)

It has a minimalist design and comes with colorful stickers that would give pops of color to your scribbles. Moreover, the cover only comes in two colors -- powder blue and peach hardbound matte which is similar to their headquarter. You can purchase the Sunnies Agenda with a purchase of any pair of their sunnies.

Photo Courtesy of Sunnies Studios

Buy: Any Sunnies Studios branch


Did we miss anything? Comment below if you know more journals or planners which you can't wait to scribble on.

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