Where to Get Calligraphy Lessons in Manila

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Calligraphy as defined in the dictionary is the art of producing artistic, stylized, or elegant handwriting or lettering. It comes from the Greek word kalligraphos (kallos – beauty, graphein – write) which means “a person who writes beautifully.”

These days, modern calligraphy is widely used in weddings and personalized gifts. If you want to learn this intricate craft in time for Christmas (handwriting all your Christmas cards is a gift in itself!), check out these 7 beginner-friendly workshops:

  1. Ink Scribbler

Alexis Ventura shares her expetise in calligraphy at the Ink Scribbler's "Scribble Workshops". The workshop is structured for those who have never tried calligraphy, focusing on how to use felixble nibs and basic strokes. Plus points for their awesome playlist which will really get you in an "artsy" mood.

Workshop fee: P2,000
Includes: All materials and snacks
Inquire: hello@inkscribbler.com
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  1. TheFozzyBook

Ex-Advertising Executive Fozzy Castro-Dayrit is one of the best calligraphers in the country. Her 3-hour beginner "Oh Hello" workshops lessons on basic strokes and technique for pointed-pen calligraphy.

Image: TheFozzyBook

Workshop fee: P2,000
Includes: All materials (practice booklet, 2 nibs, 1 holder, a bottle of ink and a notebook), snacks
Inquire: thefozzybook@gmail.com

  1. Life After Breakfast

Designer and crafter Allesa Lanot's "Crafternoon Sessions" holds Intro to Modern Calligraphy workshops that will surely make you fall in love with this craft. The crafty afternoon sessions are usually held at her restaurant, Pipino Vegetarian Food by Pino which serves delectable vegetarian dishes.

Workshop fee: P2,500
Includes: Notebooks, snacks, Special Calligraphy Kit (Wooden A/B Straight Nib holder, Oblique Nib holder, Two (2) nibs, Practice Guides, A Bottle of Calligraphy Ink)
Inquire: lifeafterbreakfast.blog@gmail.com
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  1. Craft MNL

Craft MNL is a haven for crafters and designers. From calligraphy to soap making, Craft MNL regularly holds workshops that will suit all your creative cravings.

Image: Craft MNL

Workshop fee: P2,000
Includes: Workshop materials and basic calligraphy set
Inquire: workshops@craftmnl.com
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  1. La Bella Scrittura

What started out as a support system for finding calligraphy materials evolved into an online haven for all things calligraphy. La Bella Scrittura is composed of 7 girls who share the same passion for calligraphy. Their 3-hour basic calligraphy workshop covers the fundamentals of calligraphy: understanding what calligraphy is, knowing the basic tools needed, preparing and caring for your tools, pressure release exercises, thin and thick strokes, basic strokes to create letter forms for lower case and upper case.

Workshop fee: P2,000
Includes: Workshop materials, basic calligraphy kit (straight nib holder, oblique nib holder, medium flex pointed nibs, black ink pencil, guide sheets, and worksheets)
Inquire: labellascrittura@gmail.com
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  1. Craft Tambay

Craft Tambay is helmed by the artistic trio of freelance crafter Koni Esteban, hand lettering artist Ella Lama, and one of Katha Magazine's mastermind Geli Balcruz. The workshop includes an assortment of crafting lessons in paper flower making, decoupage, brush calligraphy and lettering. Their workshop is perfect for those who haven't decided yet on what craft they want to hone.

Image: Hello Gelibee

Workshop fee: P1,900
Includes: All workshop materials, starter kit, and snacks
Inquire: candidlypretty@yahoo.com
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  1. Trade School Manila

Trade School MNL is an independent learning community based on non-monetary peer-to-peer sharing amongst passion-driven individuals. It basically works like a barter system where students pay for their classes by bringing an item from the instructor's barter list.

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